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Synonyms for suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

ripen and generate pus

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If treatment is delayed, suppurated lymph nodes may rupture and result in the formation of retropharyngeal abscess or retropharyngeal cellulitis.
Without wanting to reopen well suppurated wounds, the Otterspool flower-fest was an obvious example of what can be done with an old rubbish tip.
I have no idea what suppurated actually means but I suspect in this context it is a posh version of the Scottish term rank rotten.
Clinically she improved, but her suppurated axillary nodes (Fig.
Miller anatomized Puritanism as a carapace of Ramist logic, covenant theology, and faculty psychology surrounding the visceral vitality of Augustinian piety, an intellectual body that grew in health and cogency in Tudor-Stuart England and then suppurated on the American strand, corrupted by internal contradictions, creeping secularism, and periwigs.
SET an extra place at the top table for Alamshar because yesterday he pulverised a King George field that not only suppurated quality but panned out as a parade of the best horses in the business running bang to form.