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Synonyms for suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

ripen and generate pus

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As many as 30% of nodes will suppurate spontaneously.
An urbane philologist will find a few things to his taste: fifty words for paddock to swell our understanding of field-names, a 'lost' Old English word like fare (piglet) or tiver (for marking sheep), odd pedantries like suppurate for 'fester', sull and sully (plough) not given their Old English etymology, yob (a Staffordshire farm-labourer), but the persistent Forest of Dean woolly ship not mentioned.
About the size of a five-crown piece, round also, but noticeably suppurate. Such a sore .
The psoriatic lesions in this case are often seen in the elderly, have a history or recurrence, are dry and scaly and may suppurate, are frequently located about the legs or palms, and occasionally elbows and eyebrows, bleed easily, have a burning character, and itch and sting.
In contrast, a compound fracture, complicated by the most minor puncture wound, could suppurate and the victim would be lucky to get away with his life, let alone his limb.
A Welsh secretary sitting in the cabinet may be seen as superfluous when a naive prime minister wants to go to war with Iraq, or Iran or North Korea Northern Ireland, on the other hand, is a festering sore that fails to respond to any treatment because there were no political or religious leaders of courage around back in 1969 when it again began to suppurate.
You don't even have to scrape the surface of gentility for reality to suppurate through - at the Cartier Awards dinner one BHB board member was to be heard loudly inquiring of a senior journalist: "When are you going to write the piece saying 'Savill must go'?"
Affected lymph nodes usually are proximal to the site of a cat scratch or bite, frequently are tender, and may suppurate. Although antimicrobial agents such as trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, rifampin, amoxycillin, and tetracycline exhibit in vitro antimicrobial activity against B.