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  • verb

Synonyms for suppurate

cause to ripen and discharge pus

ripen and generate pus

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Eczema lesions will typically be moist, itchy, vesicular or pustular, suppurate and form yellowish to brown crusts.
Their advanced techniques and beliefs--most notably, that wounds should not be allowed to suppurate, but must be kept clean in order to heal--were preserved in Theodoric's Latin treatises, which were translated into English in the late Middle Ages and published under the title The Surgery of Theodoric; see Eldridge Campbell and lames Colton, trans.
Enlarged (5 to 10 cm) nodes are often tender and matted, and they may suppurate (10 to 15% of cases).
Mahathir himself was reported at the same time to have referred to the PBS presence within the Barisan Nasional coalition as having been like "a thorn in one's flesh" which had "caused the flesh to swell and suppurate.
There's Devil's club: inch-thick "saplings" covered with sharp spikes that break off beneath your skin and quickly suppurate.