suppressive fire

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fire on or about a weapon system to degrade its performance below what is needed to fulfill its mission objectives

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You couldn't see any movement, anything." He added, "So the whole chain of command is just yelling put down some suppressive fire. And I'm a C9 [LMG] gunner and so far every time I've had to use my C-9 It's crapped out on me.
Ignoring the danger, Miller laid suppressive fire so that a Soldier could evacuate the kill zone.
As enemy fire landed within feet of Case and whirled past his head, he stood up to lay down suppressive fire with his M-4 rifle and led five friendly assault force enablers, who were tactical psychological operations, cultural support team and combat camera members, to move behind cover.
I was older than all of them put together, but apparently flanking and suppressive fire comes instinctively to the men in my family.
The Zubr-class hovercraft are designed to transport military equipment along with airborne units and to discharge troops on unimproved shores while providing suppressive fire. The ships are also equipped to lay mines.
Meanwhile, individual snipers in the upper tower levels would use smaller versions called scorpios to lay suppressive fire so foot soldiers could surmount the besieged fortress walls with ladders.
Once the enemy was identified, the teams returned suppressive fire.
In Vietnam the US Army demanded extremely high cyclic rates for suppressive fire. This led to the electrically-powered six- barrel General Electric 7.62 mm GAU-2B/A Gatling gun or Ml34, which was capable of 6000 rd/min, but was generally operated at 4000/2000 rd/min.
Despite his wound, Malloy directed his team to continue suppressive fire to the area where the suspect was hidden.
and Afghan troops immediately laid down suppressive fire as the enemy attempted to use direct and indirect fire."
Perhaps there are two bad guys who need to be addressed in rapid succession, or maybe you're tasked with delivering suppressive fire during a downed-officer situation or citizen rescue.
An American military spokesman said US soldiers had provided "suppressive fire" for Iraqi troops in a counter-assault.
US military spokesman in Baghdad Lt Col Eric Bloom said American soldiers had joined the defence of the compound, providing "suppressive fire" while Iraqi Army troops counter-attacked.
troops provided "suppressive fire" during the attack, as well as support through helicopters and drones.
US military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Eric Bloom said US troops provided "suppressive fire" during the attack, as well as support through helicopters and drones.