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Synonyms for suppositive

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

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His task in this study is to explore the legal methodology of forensic history by surveying the use made by lawyers, constitutionalists, and legislator of "the suppositive ancient constitution as the forensic tool with which to create, defend, and define the concept of liberty and representative government."
Prosopopoeia is "suppositive," that is, it is assumed for the purposes of the text's argument: "The figure in fact only presupposes animation and this presupposition is inferred from a mock hypothesis."(44) As a hypothesis, the implied animation it creates is a natural impossibility, but one which contains a final, whole interpretation of the thing animated.
This ostensible pointing to individual gravesites while addressing their occupants constructs to an unusual extent the suppositive force of prosopopoeia that Riffaterre identifies.
of 43 100 43 100 Statements TABLE 2: A Comprehensive Table of Speech Act Types in the Funeral Orations SPEECH ACT TYPE Orations 1 2 DIRECT INDIRECT DIRECT INDIRECT CONSTATIVES 48 38 Assertives Informatives 20 7 Retrodictives 16 22 Concessives 7 1 6 Dissentives 2 Suppositives Con.