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Synonyms for supposititious

fraudulently or deceptively imitative

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for supposititious

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

References in classic literature ?
Well, now, to continue our supposititious case, the couple--not necessarily a guilty couple--realize after the murderer is gone that they have placed themselves in a position in which it may be difficult for them to prove that they did not themselves either do the deed or connive at it.
Catherine had read too much not to be perfectly aware of the ease with which a waxen figure could be introduced, and a supposititious funeral carried on.
What distinguishes the book, for better or worse, is its freedom to be as supposititious as it pleases.
In the latter aspect the movement is envisaged by the unfriendly as part of a supposititious Vatican plan for a Catholic organization of Central Europe.
Here as elsewhere, it goes almost literally without saying that the recent fascination or obsession with what is often styled "gender" has done a great deal to beget the over-use of some supposititious category called "Victorianism.
He was dismayed by the rapacious shrewdness with which that same printer had invented an "insolent" title for this "primitive supposititious child.
It would have been far more polite, less accusative, and less supposititious to say, "Yet the investigators did not discuss whether or not such a trap door was possible in the Hotel Victori a, Naples.
Still less do we think a hypothetical and supposititious liability for taxes on sales not made nor projected to be a necessary impairment of existing value.
I cannot recall the number of times I have been given the supposititious label "angry black man.
They have inflated the power of philosophical reason, conferring on it a supposititious dangerous potency.
The rumours that the Prince of Wales was a supposititious baby gave women, including Anne and Mary themselves, roles as participants and legal witnesses with authority to speak on crucial political questions.