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Synonyms for supposititious

fraudulently or deceptively imitative

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for supposititious

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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Each man brings forward a mass of supposititious evidence in favour of his own argument, and each thinks a great deal more of proving his own cleverness than of furthering the ends of justice.
Catherine had read too much not to be perfectly aware of the ease with which a waxen figure could be introduced, and a supposititious funeral carried on.
What distinguishes the book, for better or worse, is its freedom to be as supposititious as it pleases.
In the latter aspect the movement is envisaged by the unfriendly as part of a supposititious Vatican plan for a Catholic organization of Central Europe.
Not until the second letter to Giles (published only in the second edition), as he reacts to the remarks on the strictures of the anonymous critic conveyed to him by Giles, does he begin to enunciate a theory of fictional truth: "but he [the supposititious critic] wonders whether Utopia is true or a fiction ...
Here as elsewhere, it goes almost literally without saying that the recent fascination or obsession with what is often styled "gender" has done a great deal to beget the over-use of some supposititious category called "Victorianism." That there will be more is suggested by a 1999 publication, Sara Michel and Robyn Muncy, Engendering America: A Documentary History 1865 to the Present (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1999).
He was dismayed by the rapacious shrewdness with which that same printer had invented an "insolent" title for this "primitive supposititious child." He was appalled by the damage done to his reputation.
Still less do we think a hypothetical and supposititious liability for taxes on sales not made nor projected to be a necessary impairment of existing value.
However, the equally supposititious poem 'Shall I die?', whose Shakespearean authorship was advocated by the Oxford general editor, Taylor, is printed among the canonical poems, one indication among many of the determinative power of the Oxford editors in matters affecting the text of The Norton.
Frederick Jackson Turner was a thirty-two-year-old junior faculty member at the University of Wisconsin in 1893, when he informed his drowsy audience on a sultry July evening in Chicago that the real significance of American history lay in the frontier and not in some supposititious germs of Anglo-Saxonism carried over from Europe to Virginia and Massachusetts, as many historians were then persuaded.
The British Library's Catalogue of printed music lists the chanson under Lassus but as a `doubtful or supposititious work'.
23, the supposititious letter of Demokritos to Hippocrates on `the nature of man'.
I cannot recall the number of times I have been given the supposititious label "angry black man." Thus, the ideas that I and others who have been so conveniently labeled present are left unaddressed, and change stagnates.
They have inflated the power of philosophical reason, conferring on it a supposititious dangerous potency.
Note well how a supposititious solution for a nonexistent problem is used as a rhetorical ploy in each scheme.