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Synonyms for suppositious

fraudulently or deceptively imitative

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for suppositious

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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can be induced at all to sit on the egg of the cuckoo without being scandalized at the vast disproportioned size of the suppositious egg.
When preparation is made the controlling end, then the potentialities of the present are sacrificed to a suppositious future.
The result of this transformation, however, is not, as Brannon Wheeler explains, "a messianic fantasy which leaves behind reality and devotes itself to a suppositious prediction of the future.
However, if the issue is truth, the equivalent for Phaenarete would be whether it was suppositious, and again for Socrates whether Theaetetus had genuinely given birth or it was all due to Socrates' spoon-feeding.
Suppositious wave, I turned around and saw, was intimated, ever so exactingly meted out, by the drumroll Drennette now sustained, a roll which required all but acrobatic skill, so at odds with the suspended spill it appeared she was in.