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Synonyms for suppositious

fraudulently or deceptively imitative

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for suppositious

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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suppositious state of nature but with experience, observation of the
If, for example, Marshall believes that James's 'hypothetical observer or suppositious observer' emerges in The Golden Bowl (p.
The result of this transformation, however, is not, as Brannon Wheeler explains, "a messianic fantasy which leaves behind reality and devotes itself to a suppositious prediction of the future."(182) Rather, the Sefer Zerubbabel is an attempt to deal with historical reality in terms of the cultural categories that were available for making sense of what had happened.
However, if the issue is truth, the equivalent for Phaenarete would be whether it was suppositious, and again for Socrates whether Theaetetus had genuinely given birth or it was all due to Socrates' spoon-feeding.
Suppositious wave, I turned around and saw, was intimated, ever so exactingly meted out, by the drumroll Drennette now sustained, a roll which required all but acrobatic skill, so at odds with the suspended spill it appeared she was in.
We should restrict ourselves to conclusions which flow from the extant lines of text and not from suppositious lines which may or may not ever have existed.
It would be hard not to do that in some degree, since Whig history was grounded in one of the most brazen cons in all of English history, the birth of a "suppositious" son to James II and Mary of Modena in June 1688.
The scene is a reminder of the "suppositious" birth of the old Pretender.
Insofar as these so-called scientific explanations of the world have been used to signify American Indian existence in terms controlled and controllable by the settler, colonizing population in North America, Deloria's suppositious argumentation serves as a powerful and useful challenge.
They assiduously sniff out every whiff of what they construe as "secular humanism." This is a wholly suppositious construct which their paranoid imaginations have built up into an enormous conspiracy by the National Education Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Humanist Association, and everyone else with whom they disagree.
He ominously warned that zoophil-psychosis could lead to "the development of more psychopathic states." The "enormous mass" of obsessive concern for "suppositious suffering" could result in a psychotic concern for plants.(21)
1495), the term cultre must have been replaced with joyel in one of their later common ancestors, possibly in the suppositious edition of Flores's romance issued by Jacobo Cromberger around 1510.
(Zimmermann uses asterisks to indicate "suppositious entities," with which his analysis abounds.) This file consisted of a free paraphrase of much or all of Plotinus' Enneads IV-VI, translated directly from a Greek text essentially identical to the one we have, and preserving that text's original order, as well as comparable paraphrases of at least part of Proclus' Elements of Theology and of several works by Alexander of Aphrodisias; the true authors of all these texts were still known.
As most of these "suppositious entities" are created to explain single anomalies in our texts which would also admit of alternative explanations, the accumulated suspension of disbelief required to get to the end of the stemma (or the end of the article) becomes extremely taxing.
Yet even here he criticizes Stern for adhering to "the dubious principle that the fewer suppositious entities a stemma involves the closer it is likely to come to the truth," a criticism to which he is himself certainly not liable.