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Synonyms for suppositional

presumed to be true, real, or genuine, especially on inconclusive grounds

Synonyms for suppositional

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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On the other hand, formal rule theories (Braine & O'Brien, 1998; Rips, 1994) and Suppositional theory (Evans & Over, 2004; Evans et al., 2005) predict that people should make more MP inferences than MT inferences in both types of conditional (except if and if not, then), because MP inference is a simple rule of inference while MT inference is a complex rule.
(Imaginings and supposings presumably present their contents with something like suppositional force) Desires, for their part, present their content with imperatival force.
Similarly, the practices of voice pedagogues were reviewed in order to ascertain whether those practices were research-based, observational, or suppositional. The results found in the amassed literature provided context for current thought in both fields.
[22] in an fMRI study compared CFT with hypothetical conditions (i.e., which activate only the suppositional model, making no statement about factual events) across visual and aural modalities.
Insulin resistance may be one of the suppositional reasons, and the increased insulin secretion may be considered as a compensatory response to overcome the insulin resistance.
Risk-taking studies have usually utilized suppositional situations, anagrams, or puzzles as their experimental materials.
It is a mistake, therefore, to understand the necessity of the One's production of all things as a suppositional necessity that only exists because the One has willed itself to be such that it is the cause of all things.
Not surprisingly, the period of greatest interest in graphology coincided roughly with the Freudian psychoanalytic movement, in all its reductive and suppositional glory.
Each Islamist's knowledge and ideas are not absolute but suppositional by nature.
Be that as it may, the preceding suppositional dialogue is intended to provide a template for the proceeding analysis on the development of human rights infractions of marginalized groups in India--who are often minorities (i.e.
The chapter on technology as a solution to academic disengagement is suppositional, simplistic, and limited in scope.
That is, this suppositional theory asserts that reasoners consider the probability of conditional statements and think about the closest possibility in which the antecedent holds.
The suppositional account of Evans and colleagues (Evans, Handley, & Over, 2003; Over & Evans, 2003) turns the question of conditional reasoning around.