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Decisional bilinear Diffie-Hellman supposal: This supposal is that it is computationally impracticable to differentiate the dispersions of (g, [g.sup.x], [g.sup.y], [g.sup.z], [??][(g, g)]) and (g, [g.sup.x], [g.sup.y], [g.sup.z], [??][(g, g).sup.r]), where x, y, z, r [[member of].sub.R] [Z.sup.*.sub.p].
If turning to Tolkien for more light on this intriguing idea, we actually can discern at least two important things about "eucatastrophe." Firstly, it is a central element that serves to render fantasy literature into "a religious discourse," although in fairy story its religiousness is packaged in literary suggestions or imaginary supposals. By this paradoxical term Tolkien means to express a thematic situation opposite to Tragedy, a situation in which sufferings or calamities do not end hopelessly in total sorrow or failure; instead, they will somehow encounter "the sudden joyous 'turn'" and as a result become "good catastrophe," or "joyous salvation within apparent catastrophe," to use John Davenport's pithy phrase.
Similarly, Lewis prefaces The Great Divorce with the claim that "the transmortal conditions" of the book "are solely an imaginative supposal....
The lexicographical method consists of the supposal and it is that the biggest influence has the most important criteria.
After that, the results are combined with the original network to analyze our supposal. For example, the original length of [L.sub.2] is 2 m in the healthy network, [L.sub.2] must be less than 2 m in faulty network, hence it can be inferred that: [L.sub.2] = 1.96m, [L.sub.3] = 4.58m.
In these ways they show a familiarity with the different petitioning styles outlined in rhetorical epistolary manuals such as Angel Day's The English Secretorie (London, 1586), and perform across a spectrum of rhetorical divisions ('humility and entreaty', 'supposal and assurance').
Bien que manifestant une certaine sympathie pour la condition des femmes suspectees, les officiers de police ne semblent pas avoir non plus le pouvoir d'intervenir quand ils sont appeles sur la scene d'un crime supposal. A l'inverse, les hommes sont, eux, desavantages par leur comportement agressif quand ils sont interpeles, par la perception de leurs mobiles et des alternatives acceptables disponibles.
Toby and company imprison Malvolio for his supposed misreading, but their supposal turns out to be their own willful interpretation of Malvolio's careful reading of the letter.
It hath fallen out sometimes that both Papists and Protestants, Jews and Turks may be embarked in one ship; upon which supposal I affirm that all the liberty of conscience that ever I pleaded for turns upon these two hinges--that none of the papists, Protestants, Jews or Turks be forced to come to the ship's prayers or worship, nor compelled from their own particular prayers or worship, if they practice any.
The supposal was that some organizational cultures might be more receptive to KM programs than other types.