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The supposal was that some organizational cultures might be more receptive to KM programs than other types.
Therefore, the supposal by studies reviewed in this paper that a stable positive or negative relationship between the value of the dollar and ADR returns exists seems to be inadequate and misleading.
the idea and sensation of actual grasp or touch contrary to my will, & in apparent consequence of the malignant will of the external Form, actually appearing or (as sometimes happens) believed to exist/in which latter case tho' I have two or three times felt a horrid touch of Hatred, a grasp, or a weight, of Hate and Horror abstracted from all (Conscious) form or supposal of Form/ an abstract touch/an abstract grasp--an abstract weight
In a memorable phrase of Joachim's, "every supposal must fall within a gap of ignorance circumscribed by knowledge.
As described in her textbook, the subjunctive is a mood used "in matters of supposal, desire, possibility" (p.