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Synonyms for supposable

capable of being inferred on slight grounds

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Concentrations of adipocytokines have generally been reported to be higher in patients with RA than in control subjects [55-57], and it is supposable that they may also play a role in the increased cardiovascular risk since obesity is also associated with this unfavorable outcome [58].
IFN-[gamma] or IFN-[beta] was also suggested to inhibit the expression of MMP-9 in human astroglioma and fibrosarcoma cell lines, as well as in primary astrocytes, supposable by the modulation of transcription factors that regulate the MMP-9 transcription [105, 106].
The status of AL is extremely difficult to identify: its prepositional value (supposable from its form, similar to prepositions in other Romance languages, and from the apparent parallelism between Rom.
The adoption of private sector practices will continue to prevail as long as the private sector practices are seen as having the supposable desirable qualities [efficiency and effectiveness] that the public sector should seek to adopt.
A State doing injury to the Citizens of other States or Foreigners is to be sure a supposable case, but it is scarcely supposeable, I think (if at all) but by means of some act of the Legislature (for no inferior authority I think can bind a State), in which case we are involved in this dilemma.
"[u]nder nearly all supposable circumstances when the master is in
It is not a supposable case, that all or even a very large part, of the governed, can have agreed to them.