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Synonyms for supportive

Synonyms for supportive

giving or able to give help or support

Antonyms for supportive

furnishing support or assistance

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Located in the South Fordham section of the Bronx, Creston Avenue Residence provides permanent, supportive housing and services to some of New York City's most vulnerable citizens, including formerly homeless families and single adults.
Supportive services can vary but often include case management, care coordination, job and education coaching, assistance with daily living skills, transportation assistance, access to public entitlements and crisis intervention.
The market for cancer supportive care products, though shrouded by the loss of brands exclusivity of various generic drugs and entry of biosimilar drugs, presents lucrative opportunity, as they offer ease of accessibility, affordability, and administration to potential customers.
Supportive care is increasingly being discussed as a treatment option because of the increasing number of older people with multiple comorbidities with ACKD (Noble, 2008).
In the year 2004 73 stories were analped out of which 38 were found to be Non Supportive while 35 were supportive.
The standard mean differences (SMDs) were statistically significant between psychotherapy and waitlist control, treatment-as-usual control, attention control, and supportive therapy control, but not placebo control; the SMDs were lower for the supportive therapy, placebo control, and treatment-as-usual groups, compared with the waitlist control and attention control groups.
For the many businesses that used all their reserves to survive the recession, supportive creditors are more important than ever.
Although Section 811 provides important affordable housing linked with community-based supportive services for the most vulnerable people with disabilities, its rules and limitations had made it increasingly difficult for providers to take advantage of the program.
Executive Director Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
Supportive psychotherapy began as a second-class treatment whose only operating principle was "being friendly" with the patient (Box, page 28).
The proposed project will link -- and build upon -- several major initiatives already in progress and will develop the infrastructure necessary to provide seamless, supportive gateways to university degrees in engineering, education and business,'' Valiotis wrote in the grant proposal.
Specifically, interest and expenses not directly allocable and apportioned to any specific income-producing activity (such as certain expenses relating to supportive functions, R&E expenses, stewardship expenses and legal and accounting expenses) must generally be allocated and apportioned as if all members of an affiliated group were a single corporation.
While discovering how to combine new learning with acquired and developed skills within a new teaching position, successful results in student learning manifest due to supportive and collaborative efforts.
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