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Synonyms for supportive

Synonyms for supportive

giving or able to give help or support

Antonyms for supportive

furnishing support or assistance

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At least 75 supportive housing studio units must be provided and affordable to low-income families, many of whom will be formerly-homeless.
The development of relationships Existence of ongoing supportive relationships
Today, the Illinois Supportive Living model saves the state millions of dollars annually.
The standard mean differences (SMDs) were statistically significant between psychotherapy and waitlist control, treatment-as-usual control, attention control, and supportive therapy control, but not placebo control; the SMDs were lower for the supportive therapy, placebo control, and treatment-as-usual groups, compared with the waitlist control and attention control groups.
8220;When it comes to nonprofit work I think it's imperative to fully believe in a mission to perform your best and I believe in what HABcore works toward - permanent, supportive housing for everyone.
For the many businesses that used all their reserves to survive the recession, supportive creditors are more important than ever.
In-depth analysis of the current and future oncology supportive care market across the US, 5EU and Japan, plus a rest of world snapshot - Oncology supportive care therapy sales forecasts for brands, generics, biosimilars and late-phase pipeline candidates from 2008 to 2018 - Assessment of the leading supportive care brands and drug classes to identify key success factors within this sector - Examination of the oncology supportive care pipeline with in-depth clinical and commercial profiles of Phase III candidates
Executive Director Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer
Grant resources will be used to broaden access to AVC through community outreach and high school ``bridge'' programs, provide a more accessible and supportive gateway for students to attain bachelor degrees, and sustaining degree gateways, according to Valiotis.
Interestingly, while the demographics of the Canadian workforce have changed, many employers that have supportive managers haven't changed how they structure work and manage their workers (i.
This testimony, which is based on a report issued in February 2005, discusses (1) the federal housing assistance programs requiring that supportive services be made available to elderly residents, (2) other Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs that assist the elderly in obtaining supportive services, and (3) private partnerships and federal health care programs that may provide supportive services to elderly beneficiaries of federal housing assistance.
OTCBB:AEMD), San Diego, has been advised by Qualtran LLC, a contract research organization (CRO) managing clinical trials for Aethlon in India, that both the Government of India and the Confederartion of Indian Industry (CII) are supportive of Aethlon's upcoming HIV and Hepatitis-C trials.
increased use of supportive community-based services and supportive housing; and
These details of a struggling family, loving and supportive for the most part, add to the appeal of the story.
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