supporting tower

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a tower that serves to support something

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These supporting towers are called Eastern and Western in accordance with their location.
The engineers had a chance to really make this parkway exceptional but no, the cheap alternative was taken and the high-voltage power lines were left overhead with the supporting towers down the middle of the parkway creating an unsightly mess.
The sight of giant chimneys spewing flames mixed with power lines and their supporting towers might inspire some artist, but not me.
The Hungerford Bridge was no ordinary bridge, as the handsome Brunel-Bunning supporting towers incorporated an interesting innovation: the saddles to which the suspension chains were attached were on oiled rollers so that the load on the masonry was always vertical and the chains could move to compensate for unequal loads on the roadway.
The windfarm consisted of an array of wind turbines, supporting towers, pads, transformers, roadways, fencing, power collection systems, and monitoring and meteorological equipment.
Today, Alan Dick & Company's product range includes a wide selection of self- supporting towers, guyed masts, monopoles, cellular antennas, mobile cell sites, wireless infrastructure and component solutions supported by a range of high quality services.
This innovative solution efficiently provides high availability, flexibility and scalability supporting Towers Watson's current and future business needs.
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