supporting structure

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a structure that serves to support something

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Following materials strength are used for strength calculation of equipment supporting structure.
When the mould opens, the supporting structure remains in the moving mould half and the preformed decorative material remains in the stationary mould half.
PHOTO : serve to isolate induced vibrations from the supporting structure.
Invitation to tender: wv zh west ezjo, steel construction supporting the facade of the supporting structure
During the initial development stage, in an unusual search for the smallest span possible, the supporting structure was reduced to 368 tubular columns approximately 6m high ranging from 90mm to 210mm diameter.
Prior information notice without call for competition: The supporting structure of the compass-u tokamak experimental device
The double curved roof deck and supporting structure were coordinated using a computer program which steered CNC-robot cutting machines in the manufacture of partially factory made sections, small enough for transport, which were then assembled on site.
The construction status of the bridge is rated as VI - very poor (supporting structure), respectively.
The canopy is insubstantial plywood and canvas, with a supporting structure of tubular steel.
However, it could currently be trapped between a rock and the surrounding supporting structure. If this is the case, moving the support structure could allow it to bypass the obstacle and dig deeper.
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