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a cast other than the principals

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Jonathan Banks' sad-eyed tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut went from supporting player on "Breaking Bad" to slightly larger supporting player on "Better Call Saul.
Either way, we need the likes of Gutierrez and Routledge provide width and supply quality crosses to Carroll - with more supporting players in Villa's penalty area.
In the 48th minute Blues should have scored when Christian Benitez slipped Shoot in and although he jinked to the side of the 'keeper with the goal at his mercy, he laid the ball back only to find the supporting players had just gone ahead of him.
But there are also the charming bonuses of excellent supporting players in the shape of James McAvoy, his missus Anne Marie Duff , Kerry Condon and Paul Giamatti.
Carew's power and ability to hold the ball up and release other supporting players made Villa a bigger attacking threat than at any other time this season.
But then something happens ( in two cute wiggles of a witch's nose, sharp dialogue becomes inexplicably dull, colourful supporting players are sidelined and we're left with a lightweight and predictable battle of the sexes that seems to belong to a different movie entirely.
The Central Building is distinguished from its lumbering supporting players by Hadid's characteristically dynamic geometry--in plan, it resembles a lightning bolt, physically connecting (and metaphorically animating) the surrounding sheds.
Vowell is very well-read on these murders and displays a knowledge of the surroundings and supporting players that marks the true fan.
When faced with this type of defensive compactness, your team must vary its point of attack to create penetrating spaces for overlapping and supporting players away from the ball, and thus break down your opponent's defensive shape.
There were a few supporting players here, which helped out and also benefited from the ensemble but might not hold up on their own.
So the beauty of this book is not in the whodunnit but in the web of exotic (and erotic) supporting players.
Rather than advertise our network's services to the insurance industry, we wanted to show the professionals that our network of franchisees understand their role, and that they want to be supporting players in their work," said Jim Wassell, ServiceMaster's vice president.
The supporting players, including Jimmie Vaughan (Stevie Ray's bro) on spiky lead guitar, sound like they could rock all night.
But sex and even love remain supporting players in the drama of Hart's life, at least in Bach's perspective.
The supporting players are strong here as well, although Polley seems miscast as a worldly addict turned nun.
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