supporting fire

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fire delivered by supporting units to protect or assist a unit in combat

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BEIRUT: Syria has accused Turkey of providing supporting fire and logistical help to enable "terrorist groups" to capture the Syrian city of Idlib and the strategic town of Jisr al-Shughur, state television said Tuesday.
The hazardous materials unit and a supporting fire engine came from Warrington while the high volume pump and a supporting fire engine were sent from Congleton.
Once the assault team reached the ridge where Company C provided supporting fire, the teams switched, which allowed the BDF a chance to run the lanes.
"Now we look to build on these superb foundations and we are supporting Fire Support Network in their work to gain more funding for heaters and other measures to make people safer in Merseyside."
The gun can fire the 'smart' Excalibur round, co-developed by BAE Systems, up to 40 km (25m) accurately enough to target a specific room within a building, reducing the chance of innocent casualties and allowing supporting fire to be brought down much closer to friendly troops," BAE said.
Once the team members have set up the mortar, they can respond with supporting fire within seconds of receiving a mission.
However Thai troops not only acted in support of the SURA but also gave supporting fire, using heavy weapons,'' the message said.
Moreover, it had to cross his mind that he would be in big trouble if he refused to order the supporting fire and the Lebanese army was then overrun.
A mortar team from the north and supporting fire from the east opened up on the ECP--but not good enough to take out combat-tested 1st Lt.
announced it has acquired TradeMaster, Inc., commonly known in the industry as MobileEyes, a company that develops software to improve public safety by supporting fire prevention and suppression, emergency response, and structural safety.
The army's artillery and missile units will provide heavy supporting fire for the ground forces, the daily added.
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