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capable of being borne though unpleasant

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A professional reference checking company provides a legally supportable report and may even offer services to help you neutralize a bad reference.
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, along with licenses per processor and 12 months supportable - 10 pcs.
Under the FASB proposal, management would be required to estimate the cash flows that it does not expect to collect using all available information, including historical experience and reasonable and supportable forecasts about the future.
The primary objective of the 11th Annual Systems Engineering Conference is to provide insight, information, and lessons learned into how we can improve the overall performance of defense programs through a better, more focused application of systems engineering that will lead to more capable, interoperable, and supportable weapon systems for the warfighter, with reduced total ownership costs, to help our military meet its current and new mission area and capabilities requirements.
With the July 31, 2006, issuance date of the revised section 482 regulations, calendar-year companies will have barely five months to read and understand nearly 200 pages of regulations, analyze how those regulations may affect intercompany relationships, conduct transfer pricing studies to determine what useful information about comparable third-party transactions may be available, and then apply that combined analysis to determine not only what transfer prices may be supportable on their returns, but also how any transfer pricing disputes are like to be ultimately resolved with the IRS.
One writer, in other words, says that the unity of Sacred Scripture is so complete that it all boils down to one Word (namely, Jesus), a fully supportable claim, and another writer confirms this by stating, "The books contain .
While each manager's judgment may result in different but supportable views on valuation, using common guidelines consistent with GAAP should narrow the range of these numbers.
In addition, the court denied the taxpayers' medical expense deduction for use of APVW's pool, spa and exercise facility, because they failed to produce a supportable allocation of the monthly fees attributable to them.
by mounting an image as a volume), which dramatically alters the supportable scenarios during recovery.
Use of a professional service requires compliance with federal regulations and results in a more comprehensive and supportable screening of your employees.
But other changes were largely preceded by widespread consensus and were supportable by some measure of Scriptural warrant.
It states that a hypothesis may be considered supportable as theory when there is an overwhelming body of study findings that generally point in the same direction.
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