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capable of being borne though unpleasant

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There is a moment of dumb dismay, and the wanderings must begin again; the painful explaining away of facts, the feverish raking up of illusions, the cultivation of a fresh crop of lies in the sweat of one's brow, to sustain life, to make it supportable, to make it fair, so as to hand intact to another generation of blind wanderers the charming legend of a heartless country, of a promised land, all flowers and blessings .
New service from leading-edge software company assists clients in developing a scalable, supportable environment and improving the performance and reliability of their existing applications
One writer, in other words, says that the unity of Sacred Scripture is so complete that it all boils down to one Word (namely, Jesus), a fully supportable claim, and another writer confirms this by stating, "The books contain .
While each manager's judgment may result in different but supportable views on valuation, using common guidelines consistent with GAAP should narrow the range of these numbers.
PMs make scarce resource allocation decisions knowing the choice may come down to fielding a less supportable (less reliable) system or pursuing a more sustainable (more reliable) program.
In addition, the court denied the taxpayers' medical expense deduction for use of APVW's pool, spa and exercise facility, because they failed to produce a supportable allocation of the monthly fees attributable to them.
But other changes were largely preceded by widespread consensus and were supportable by some measure of Scriptural warrant.
Of course, the statistics used for cost projections will vary by organization, and records managers will have to research and calculate noncompliance costs, but the starting point will be factual, supportable requirements.
ERAM is critical to the ongoing evolution of the National Airspace System and will provide a modular, expandable and supportable infrastructure capable of providing flexible routing, more accurate and timely surveillance information, and improved security and safety functions.
The system marries handheld point-of-care electronic data capture with a robust bio-informatics platform, resulting in a fully integrated, easily supportable and user-friendly technology.
The premise of the book is not supportable, however, so its heuristic falters.
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