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a payment made by one person for the support of another

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WELSH hill farmers are lamenting the end of their Tir Mynydd support payments this spring, according to NFU Cymru.
Affiliated Computer Services Inc (NYSE: ACS), a provider of business process outsourcing and information technology solutions, announced on Tuesday (2 September) that the company has been awarded a contract by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance to process child support payments for New York state in the US.
DOR received the last child support payment from Mr.
This is a punitive approach that attempts to increase child support payments by identifying offenders after the fact, often using civil or criminal charges to punish persons who do not comply with legally mandated child support payment schedules.
The only exception is for child support payments (discussed below).
Court-ordered child support payment: The effect of the former-spouse relationship on compliance.
At issue was the availability of pension benefits as a source of spousal support payments.
While I support payment for copyrighted music for public performance and the royalty fee at purchase, an additional fee for use of this music as accompaniment to dance instruction is unjust.
has won a competitively bid contract renewal to process child support payments for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
The bill would also require license revocation - both drivers and professional licenses - for anyone more than 90 days late with a child support payment (some states have such programs already), and create mandatory federal wage withholding and W-4 tracking.
One of these proposals is that all support payment be spread evenly on all eligible acres,for ease of administration, rather than the much- preferred option of historical payments based on past years.
After much study, the federal government has moved to implement changes to the system of child support payments. The Divorce Act will be amended to implement new Child Support Guidelines which will include Child Support Payment Schedules showing the basic amount the support-paying parent should pay; four types of special expenses for children that can be added to the basic Schedule amount; and rules to alter the award in rare cases of undue hardship.
has been awarded a contract from the South Carolina Department of Social Services to manage and operate the state's child support payment processing center.
New Zealand is an important international benchmark for our sheep farmers and in particular the way that its farmers have successfully adapted to support payment changes by increasing their efficiency and embracing a genetic improvement programme.
Thousands of carers across Dumfries and Galloway are set to receive an increased support payment next month.
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