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a payment made by one person for the support of another

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There will be employers out there who have already hired a new worker, but are yet to apply for a support payment, Ms Grace said.
The support payments were then devised to level out differences between the countries and create a level playing field.
WELSH hill farmers are lamenting the end of their Tir Mynydd support payments this spring, according to NFU Cymru.
has won a competitively bid contract renewal to process child support payments for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
00 of the child support payment counts as a reduction against SSI.
Custodial parents will now have the option to receive child support payments on a debit card, which offers fast, convenient and safe access to funds and is accepted at thousands of retailers and ATMs.
Help and advice Is available from the Business Support Payment Scheme on 0845 302 1435.
This is a punitive approach that attempts to increase child support payments by identifying offenders after the fact, often using civil or criminal charges to punish persons who do not comply with legally mandated child support payment schedules.
7) The potential inclusion of child support payments under section 56.
The only exception is for child support payments (discussed below).
As a result, there has been an increase in child support payments and concomitantly a larger number of parenting plans established.
I feel as though with that child support payment, they should have visitation rights in there.
Boston's position and returned the spousal support payment to the $950 a month level.
She reenforced the fact that dance professionals strongly support payment for public performance use of copyrighted music and agreed that the royalties paid when purchasing records and CDs are built-in costs, but that any additional cost for classroom use (as all of you have indicated in your petitions), is unfair.
However, receipt of child support is complicated by the fact that if the individual also receives welfare benefits, welfare payments are reduced by nearly the entire amount of the child support payment, meaning that a mother who receives welfare may not be any better off financially after receiving child support payments.
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