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(stock market) the price at which a certain security becomes attractive to investors

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Dubai Islamic Bank is giving positive signals, and if it breaches support level of Dh6.
Automated record creation, item tracking, and budget allocation has removed some basic input and maintenance functions to a clerical support level, but judgment remains the key element for the position of managing an efficient and effective functional unit and seems a variable unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.
Widespread prepayments have washed many loans out of private pass-throughs, leaving credit support levels extremely high.
Dubai may witness new low, and hit a low of 3,389, so I recommend to avoid any buy positions," Osama Al Ashri, member of British organisation, Society of Technical Analysts, adding "If Abu Dhabi index breaches support level 4,467, it may hot a new lof 4,291.
Normally, former support levels can turn the tides and provide resistance, but if XTC can break above the 900 level, we could see an acceleration of the index's recent rally.
Abu Dhabi may hit its lowest level in 2015, if it breaches support level of 4,190, so I advise traders and investors of high risk of trading in this area," said Al Ashri.
Emaar Properties may fall further and breaches the support level of Dh5.
The DFM index has a support level at 3,184, which, if reached, can see the index at new lows of 2,700 and 2,500.
Power Course Instructor's Response: Take a look at the chart below- You will see that a support level is noted.
We might breach the support level of 3,467 later in the week, and after that we might see new low," said Osama Al Ashri, member of British organisation, Society of Technical Analysts.
While the majors decide if they are moving up or down from their respective levels, the AUD/CHF has pulled back down to a support level while in an uptrend.
Abu Dhabi index breached support level of 4,500, and may test 4,281 next few weeks, said Al Ashri.
Summary: The GBP/JPY has pulled back off of a high and then bounced up off of a support level.
AMD was already trading below key technical support at the round-number 30 level, while INTC was hovering just above its key support level in the 17 area.
Arabtec is still a risky stock and may hit support level of Dh2.
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