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elasticized stocking intended to reduce pressure on the veins of the leg (as in case of varicose veins)

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Once an acute problem is ruled out, you may then run wearing an appropriate support hose.
On my first clinical day, I awoke extra early to make sure my support hose, orthotic insoles, and newly purchased shoes were just right.
Leg elevation and elastic support hose are primary treatment recommendations.
To prevent your varicose veins from getting worse, keep your weight down, watch what you're lifting, and consider wearing support hose.
Franklin's goals are "to expand the line to include knee highs, support hose, and thigh highs.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 26, 2006 - (JCN) - Terumo will begin shipping new items in the Jobst support hose series to medical institutions on April 27.
Individuals with a tendency to develop leg veins should avoid standing for long periods, wear support hose for varicose veins and exercise regularly to tone the calf muscles, which helps propel the blood back to the heart and avoid pooling in the lower legs.
REST legs in an upright position whenever possible; if you can, lie on the floor and put your legs up against the wall for 30 minutes before putting on support hose.
They also tell their patients to wear elastic support hose and to move around before and after standing up.
Elastic support hose help, as does raising the head of the bed 6-12 inches.
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