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a column that supports a heavy weight

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The ball ricocheted off the support column and rolled back to the infield as Mauer scored standing.
The support columns for the other two wheels as well as the left wing were also damaged, the office said.
In a preliminary report, a committee set up by Petrobras to investigate the accident has also mentioned that the location of the waste oil tank in the support column was one of the probable causes of the explosion.
The SureWeld 20 incorporates a highly stable bench press with a rectangular support column that minimizes deflection when pressure is applied against the part.
We were seated on the last row--me on the aisle, then a support column between us, then Michel's seat, so if the TV camera should need to land on me, you the viewer wouldn't see that I didn't have a girl date.
Once in place, the device is intended to act as a support column to open the passageways that contain the spinal cord and nerve roots.
When water collects around a support column or a foundation wall, it can lead to uneven floors.
The flames were about 2 feet high and traveling up a support column on the pressure-treated handicapped-access ramp, Officer Stott wrote in a report.
Wustuk then tried to apply the brakes, but instead stepped on the accelerator, causing his car to lunge forward and crash into a support column of the building, Abramian said.
We took the doors off and the central support column out to get at him.
According to Forrester Research, "Sybase has been especially strong in the financial sector, supporting critical applications where reliability, robustness, and availability are top requirementsO The company [Sybase] remains committed to Sybase[R] ASE; it has extended its features to support column level encryption, shared disk clustering and XML.
Tenders are invited for Capital Repair Jobs Of Reheating Furnaces :Replacement Of Damaged Charging, Delivery & Top Zone Lintels Dismantling, Fabrication And Erection Of Support Column & Support Bloom Above Del.
A cracked support column was discovered on the Midland Links motorway network, further increasing the roadway's pounds 22 million repair bill.
Because of the damaged support column, ODOT closed the Centennial overpass to all local traffic for about three hours, he said.
The first package was found next to a motorway support column at Salford Circus and, as a precaution, all link roads to the M6 were closed.
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