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the school of economic theory that stresses the costs of production as a means of stimulating the economy

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com offers detailed background information on the pillars of supply-side economics-including low flat rate taxes, free trade, sound money, decreased regulation, reduced spending, and the rule of constitutional law.
Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile Supply-Side Platform.
b) Demand and supply-side RBF for low-income urban families (New Sub-component)
Speaking during a meeting with US investors, the head of the apex bank said, 'Inflation still remains high on supply-side rigidities.
These two events were the essence of the Reagan prosperity, not supply-side economics.
Entin teaches a course in Supply-Side Economics which applies to public policy the insights of Robert Mundell, Arthur Laffer, Norman Ture and others.
For a mild epidemic, the supply-side impacts would be small - no more than a few tenths of a percentage point of GDP - and probably last less than a year.
And it is dangerous because it continues to build on a one-sided supply-side strategy while neglecting the demand side.
Cole also cites a series of worker strikes, accidents causing equipment downtime, and mining firms targeting gold and molybdenum fractions over copper as supply-side factors causing a shortfall in the market.
AS THE JAPANESE ECONOMY implodes, the question becomes not just how Tokyo's "best and brightest" managed to get it so wrong, but why they failed to realize that supply-side policies in a demand-starved economy would take Japan so far in the wrong direction.
Supply-side economics is a major innovation in economics.
The major difference between the current and new methods is the wider use of supply-side statistics in calculating preliminary data in the new method, the officials said.
The supply-side effect of cutting these taxes was estimated at $256 million by fiscal year 2006, with 55 percent of the cuts being offset by increased wage tax revenues.
It's not the halillion they ``contributed'' to supply-side politicians over the past 20 years - it's what they bought.
MRO Software provides demand-side and supply-side solutions that power the industrial supply chain.