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the school of economic theory that stresses the costs of production as a means of stimulating the economy

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Kemp proved himself effective, if somewhat clumsy, at keeping his economic views on the Republican agenda over the last few months, when it seemed that Dole's victory in the primaries had ended any chance of the party's supply-side wing playing an influential role in the election.
Builder Sourcing Corporation (BSC), the largest cost-management group for builders, is launching Supply Side News, an e-newsletter focused solely on supply-side information and cost-saving, margin-improving strategies.
Market tightness remains primarily supply-side driven.
Krugman attacks supply-side economics by attacking the motives and objectivity of some of those who believe in it.
In short, the supply-side theory is this: People work and invest because they are motivated to maximize their income and wealth.
When asked if they or their customers had experienced a significant supply chain disruption in the past three months, 38 percent of both buy-side and supply-side manufactures indicated that they had.
Even as Dole was weighing an across-the-board tax cut against rolling back the 1993 tax increase, an approach that other advisers had urged, Clinton's re-election team was distributing to reporters quotations in which Dole disparaged supply-side economics.
For Good and Evil is a semi-scholarly history of taxation from the ancient Mayan civilization (which expired "when the citizens simply disappeared into the jungle instead of paying taxes") through the supply-side tax cuts of the Reagan administration.
Reportlinker Adds The role of smart enabler: supply-side case studies
That's why the time for supply-side reforms is now.
Some Republicans, feeling they were burned once when supply-side tax cuts contributed to soaring budget deficits, remain wary.
The paper's editorial page had practically set the table for the supply-side feast, and it remained a key forum for Republican policymakers and conservative intellectuals throughout Bush's term.
EPE seeks supply-side and/or demand-side proposals that offer low-cost, reliable electric resources and that propose options that best meet its "peaking" capacity need of approximately 100 MW during its peaking summer hours in 2011.
Krugman conveniently ignored the key point of supply-side economics.