supply ship

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ship that usually provides supplies to other ships


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Several supply ship companies also have bond debt maturing in 2016, with more cash-raising options limited.
Our aircraft was brought in for the first pick from the aft-port corner of the flight deck on the supply ship.
That's because the previous supply ship -- owned by another company -- was destroyed in an October launch explosion.
The Russian supply ship launched early yesterday from Kazakhstan and arrived at the orbiting lab six hours later with three tons of food, fuel and other items.
Protecteur, one of Canada's two supply ships which was put into service in 1969, had been in Pacific waters for about seven weeks.
Without extra funding, the JSS would be less capable than even the current supply ship fleet it is to replace, he warned.
Summary: A United States Navy supply ship opened fire on Monday evening on a fishing boat near the mouth of Jebel Ali Port in the emirate of Dubai, a UAE Foreign Ministry official said.
Last month the world's first commercial supply ship returned with 1,400 pounds of old equipment from the International Space Station.
A PIONEERING commercial supply ship rocketed toward the International Space Station following a successful lift-off yesterday.
The destroyer and a supply ship could be on their way to the Syrian coast, the source added.
Cairo -- PNN - Egyptian officials confirmed on Tuesday that two Iranian ships, a naval frigate and a supply ship, had entered the Suez Canal--the first time Iranian ships would cross into the Mediterranean since Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979.
The frigate and supply ship had been due to enter the canal with the northbound convoy that moves daily at 6 a.
It turned out he was an ex-sailor who had sailed on a supply ship for the US Navy and he told us the following true story.
I mentioned that I had been in the Navy four years during the 1960s, and I enjoyed the seven months I served on a supply ship the best.
The Japanese Defense Ministry is considering giving a supply ship involved in U.