supply officer

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a commissioned officer responsible for logistics

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Keith is an exceptional leader and as Global Product Supply Officer for the last decade, he helped transform product supply into a consumer-driven, business building core capability for P&G," commented Mr.
The Air Force needs to do the same thing with its supply officer and other logistics functional career fields.
Craft also was a senior supply officer on the guided missile cruiser USS Chicago from 1969 to 1971, operating in the Gulf of Tonkin alongside the Seventh Fleet.
Supply officers around the globe can track the use and re-supply status of repair parts, consumables, etc.
DIVOLC, DHLC, and the leadership portion of SR SODHC are academic, discussion-oriented courses designed to provide Supply Officers with a broad understanding of the various moral, ethical, and leadership philosophies; they are convened after students complete their respective professional courses such as the Basic Qualification Course (BQC), Supply Officer Department Head Course (SODHC), and SR SODHC, which prepare Division Officers and Department Heads for supply assignments on various platforms throughout the Navy.
Like most of my counterparts, I was expecting to go back to sea as the Supply Officer on a small deck when it was time for me to negotiate orders for my second operational tour.
We are pleased to extend our relationship with AMD for these important Flash memory devices that will support products in all parts of our business," said Jose Mejia, vice president and chief supply officer at Lucent Technologies.
Graduates included 22 students of Supply officer Basic Qualification Course (BQC) 3rd Battalion Echo Company, and 22 students of Basic Qualification Course Navy Reserve (BQC-NR) 83rd Company.
Navy Commander and Supply Officer with 22 years of U.
Because once the supply officer submits the LOGREQ, the process of acquisition begins.
The LSC provides a permanent waterfront presence that provides value-added logistics support through a network of husbanding agents who expertly integrate support services, move workload off of the afloat units, and provide the afloat supply officer with a shore-based surrogate.
and a nuclear submarine supply officer, based in Norfolk, Virginia.
His assignments include serving as Director of the United States Central Command Deployment and Distribution Operations Center, Kuwait; Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Acquisition and Logistics Management); Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Fleet Readiness and Training/the Fleet Supply Officer at U.
Navy veteran, he served as a submarine supply officer.
The Supply Officer aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) was among four crewmembers to receive the Navy and Marine Corps Association (NMA) Leadership Award this past August.
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