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a closet for storing supplies

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He knew students were hiding in the supply closet, Isabelle said.
Money raised through the donations helps pay for school supplies, leadership groups, sport programs, field trips, grad night, a clothes and shoes supply closet, and more.
Each day she faces challenges in the practice setting, following the yellow brick road from nurses' station to patient rooms to medication dispensing station to supply closet. She remains convinced she will find a way to overcome potential obstacles and provide the best possible nursing care for her patients.
And for the truly adventurous - assemble a functional cross-bow after raiding the rubber bands the office supply closet. Ready?
The hostess did her little dance with the customers: "We bake all of our own bread, and our dessert chef makes a wonderful tiramisu from scratch." She referred to the supply closet by a much grander name: "Let me call back and see if we have that year in the wine cellar."
Every other scene appears to be a couple getting together, breaking up, arguing or running off to a supply closet for "alone time".
Jeremy went to the supply closet and took out a bucket and mop.
You don't have a company supply closet or corporate card available to cover the costs of doing business.
I don't seem to have my special parking place anymore (or at least I can't find it), and the cot in the supply closet where I take my after-lunch naps is now clearly being used for other purposes by some of the younger staff members, and it's not for innocent shut-eye, either.
16 ( ANI ): A brave worker at the Connecticut school rescued 18 kids from the demented gunman by hiding them in a library supply closet, as Adam Lanza went shooting in the hallway outside.
Face-to-face time with colleagues, superiors and subordinates is important, both formally (meetings, projects, emergencies) and informally (via the supply closet, water cooler, parking lot).
The 6-by-10 supply closet was full of unlabeled boxes filled with assorted dental supplies.
One at a time he takes the ducks out of his rucksack, and hands them to Gunny who lines them up in their supply closet, on top of the bleach containers.
Then people started requesting them and the department opened a small shop in a supply closet in 1993.
Offer to answer the phone, run errands, make copies, straighten up files, inventory the supply closet, whatever you can do to get a good sense of how everything operates.