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Synonyms for supply

Synonyms for supply

to act as a substitute

to relinquish to the possession or control of another

Synonyms for supply

an amount of something available for use

offering goods and services for sale

Related Words


give something useful or necessary to

circulate or distribute or equip with

state or say further

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Environmental regulations adopted across the globe have crimped fuel supply.
Regulatory supply constraints account for perhaps 50 percent of the reduction in available product supply for 2006.
As with any effort this large, DLA must partner both horizontally and vertically with commercial and government organizations to fulfill its supply chain responsibilities.
These partnerships must be punctuated with service-level agreements specifically delineating performance objectives for each critical part of the supply chain.
Europeans, by the way, tend to gravitate toward the Efficiency Consumer Response Scorecard, which, points out White, suggests grocery industry supply chain requirements but it is not specific to that industry.
TEI appreciates the opportunity to comment on the rules for the place of supply of services.
When Company A gives the coupon to its employee, no tax would apply as the employee would not be considered to have made a supply to the employer by virtue of the definitions of business and service in subsection 123(1).
Acme Resin Corp, 10330 W Roosevelt Rd, Westchester, IL 60153 (312)343-1900 Ashland Chemical Inc, PO Box 2219, Columbus, OH 43216 (614)889-3514 Atlas Foundry Services Corp, Santa Ana, CA Capital Resin Corp, Columbus, OH Delta Resins & Refractories, 6263N Teutonia Ave/PO Box 0936, Milwaukee, WI 53209 (414)462-1200 Eastern Crucible-Refractories, Wallingford, CT L/O Smith Foundry Products Inc, Singer, WI George F Pettinos Inc, Ardmore, PA United Erie Inc, PO Box 1218, Erie, PA 16512 (814)456-7561 United Western Supply Co, Seattle WA Weaver Materiel Service Inc, Po Box 1151 204 W Fourth St, Jamestown, NY 14702-1151 (716)664-5315 Western Industrial Supply Co, PO Box 1429, Tualatin, OR 97062 (503)692-9212
Integrated solutions help optimize returns across multiple departments and help to trigger process and technology changes," says Pravesh Mehra, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's B2B Supply Chain Service Leader in the Americas.
com, Oracle offers an attractive, affordable alternative for all companies to get their supply chain moving faster, better and cheaper today.
Because of an expected supply capacity of nearly 17 million tons in 1998, a demand/supply ratio of 0.
The SLIM Technologies acquisition extends Optiant's solution footprint beyond its current supply chain planning and inventory optimization leadership position.
The overseas logistics problems have been fixed, in part, through application of more integrated communications between supply procurers, transporters, and customers, two senior military logisticians told journalists during a March 18 press conference at Defense Logistics Agency headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Va.
Second-tier automotive suppliers seem to be doing "a lot of retrenching" as well as working on balancing a number of supply chain issues, according to Scott Stephens, the Supply Chain Council's chief technology officer.
Chairman Greenspan said early this year that we are going through an "inventory adjustment" because there is now "excess supply.