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humbly entreating

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A supplicatory affirms that he worships Allah alone and seeks his pleasure, for here and the Hereafter.
It is here in particular that Adamson could have had recourse to some of the material at the end of Metaphysics as well as the supplicatory and exegetical tradition; just as the late Neoplatonists had theurgic and petitionary elements to their thought on the reversion to the One, so, too, one finds elements of such practices in Avicenna.
'The mats we sell in the Zamboanga city proper are usually used for Muslims' pagduwa'a or special occasions with supplicatory prayers, weddings and floors of mosques,' Saddaran said in Filipino.
In the final conditional, blood can only be caught--stopped?--through a supplicatory hand, that universal gesture to ask for aid.
So almost all our prayers are orders to God couched in some placatory or supplicatory words.
He speaks and acts with an audacity that had been traditionally associated with overweening villains, implicitly denying the supplicatory gestures of those who pray, yet he pays no price for his actions and attitude; on the contrary, his boasts are unanswered, and his conquests are inexorable.
my lorde ye knaw the tyme of crystmas Is nere and part of thngs I vyl nede both to me and my saruants and I trust to get part of monee owt of Scotland for ze may see thay ar owand mosche and sayth thay vyl cawse me to be payd vysche and It be not I haue s[o] gret vrong as Is posbyl [...] (13) The pragmatic content is for the most part deferential and supplicatory, and Margaret frames her request with the apology T am verry sorry to put the kyngs grace to soo gret cost', while also suggesting that the main reason for requesting the money is so that she 'schuld be lyke hys syster to hys honowr' (i.e.
Such is the economic and political clout of Germany that the favourite word of its finance ministers is ausgeschlossen ("out of the question") when responding to the supplicatory overtures of weaker EU members like the bankrupt Greece.
In this latter case, second-person poetry is either "supplicatory" or "exhortative," according to whether the first person is subordinated to the second one or the second to the first (see Jakobson, Selected; also Buhler).
Examples of her prints from 2004 onward skew, pointedly, to iconography from the supplicatory side of faith--Saint Francis, animals, nuns, cribs--and sheltering constructs such as tents and igloos.
In Asante utterance, public performance demands clear speech (kasa duru) that is spoken in a low, nasalized tone to indicate supplicatory seriousness.
"Ache," a supplicatory R&B stomper that begins with the line I'll come when you ask me, slows down the violent gesticulations of a gas mask-wearing krumping dancer until it looks like he's writhing in pain.
The emblem of Osanyin is usually kept in a room in puppet form, which the priest manipulates by means of ventriloquism during consultation, when the priest addresses the tutelary divinity in supplicatory tones.
(8) Today we tend to distinguish between magic, interested in 'effective results', and religion, which is supplicatory, but this was not the case in the past.
I have proposed here that some Toraja examples stand out as having a more declarative than supplicatory character, stating rather than requesting the desired future outcome, and even projecting it through the description of a dream, itself a portent of the future.