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Synonyms for suppliant

one who humbly entreats

Synonyms for suppliant

humbly entreating

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I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on me....' In the Holy Quran, the subject of fasting is mentioned and explained only in one place, that is in the 23rd section of the second chapter; though there is mention on other occasions of fasting by way of expiation or 'fidya' in certain cases.
Le Collectif a commence par lancer un appel pressant au detenu Rabii Al Ablak qui suit, depuis plus d'un mois, la greve de la faim, le suppliant de surseoir a son geste, pour l'interet de sa sante, la [beaucoup moins que]pitie pour sa famille[beaucoup plus grand que] et en reponse aux [beaucoup moins que]appels de plusieurs instances et personnalites[beaucoup plus grand que].
Among their topics are Stesichorean footsteps in the parodos of Aeschylus' Agamemnon, talking thalassocracy in fifth-century Athens: from Bacchylides' "Theseus Odes" (17 and 18) and Cimonian monuments to Euripides' Troades, constructing chorality in Prometheus Bound: the poetic background of divine choruses in tragedy, theoric song and the rhetoric of ritual in Aeschylus' Suppliant Women, and new music in Sophocles' Ichneutae.
But it's nothing new: Theatres and artists have been grappling with these issues for decades, even millennia (think of Aeschylus's The Suppliant Women, for one).
Although the Mughal Emperor Humayun is also luxuriously robed and turbaned according to his station, he is smaller in stature and more submissive, even suppliant, in his hand gestures.
(3) Achilles agrees to give up Hektor's body, but he can barely keep himself from violence; he warns Priam not to anger him: "You must not further make my spirit move in my sorrows, / for fear, old sir, I might not let you alone in my shelter, / suppliant as you are; and be guilty before the god's orders" (II.24.568-70).
The welcome mat and the deportation-order were both in my mind while watching the excellent production of The Suppliant Women at the Young Vic theatre.
On the route I have traced so far, the Homeric reception meets another ancient archetype: the Attic playwright Aeschylus, in his tragedy Suppliant Women, dramatically follows the adventurous 'odyssey' of a chorus of women refugees from Africa to Athens, where they seek--and fortunately find--a shelter.
Elfriede Jelinek adopts the narrative structure, setting, and themes of Aeschylus's Suppliant Women for Charges, a drama that delivers a powerful, raw, emotional depiction of the refugee crisis that is currently playing out on a global scale.
The President sees it as a pragmatic arrangement: The Philippines is in no shape to fight China militarily, and so must assume a less provocative, more suppliant position.
They will be a part of a performance of The Suppliant Women, with three groups all having different roles.
play's early suppliant action corresponds suggestively to
Suspended in the stark white room below were two ethereal screens, Drop It Like It's Hot and Suppliant Branches at My Knees, adorned by generous female figures that recalled archetypal fertility symbols, their features as distorted and elegant as a Venus of Lespugue reinterpreted by Picasso.
Segun Rehm (1988: 274), este constituye el mayor obstaculo para comprender la representacion de este tipo de tragedias: "Despite the currently accepted view that the altar for suppliant plays could not have been located in the center of the orchestra, the literary evidence examined so far supports the presence of such an altar in that position which was used as a stage property during performances.