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Synonyms for suppleness

Synonyms for suppleness

the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple

the property of being pliant and flexible

adaptability of mind or character

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Keywords: suppleness, scapulohumeral dislocations, performance athletes.
The final chapter is, not surprisingly, devoted to the impedimenta, that is, the ancient Roman legion ancillary baggage and kit, as well as soldiers' servants and kinship--a good sample of rigidity versus suppleness.
Rich in Vitamins A, E, and Omega 6 this oil offers the hair and advanced emollient and active anti-oxidant ingredients for shine, suppleness and protection.
Since then, her voice has understandably aged, but what it lacks in suppleness, von Stade makes up for in dramatic expression as Ottavia, Nero's spurned wife.
But the unbound raw fibers have properties that make them potentially useful in applications where suppleness, not strength, is at a premium.
There's a link between youth and learning, just as there's a link between youth and flexibility or suppleness.
The Sinfonia is not a period band, but it has absorbed a lot of the lessons of the period practice movement and plays with enormous suppleness and lightness.
Designed to resist cold temperature impact without cracking, as well as resist suppleness and delamination at higher temperatures, Chemthane 2261 contains no solvents and can be applied directly via an airless spray process using a two-component system in a a high build single pass.
The only cautionary note should be that they do some warm-up exercises to increase the suppleness of joints and muscles not quite as teen-aged as they feel
All interfaces are field ex changeable and provide the suppleness to test any standard 10-Gigabit Ethernet access point in a network.
The suppleness of the sidewall provides a vastly improved ride when compared to standard solid tires.
Depending upon the amount of refining, sheet properties such as suppleness ('drape') and handfeel can fall below desired levels.
He began as a peasant child who had the wit not to cry out when he was tested for physical suppleness.
Richard Long brings to his gallery installations something of the severity, suppleness, and mystery of the wilderness that is the setting for the large-scale projects for which he is better known.
The thick wash of light green wall colour heightens the impression of suppleness paired with monumental solidity.