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Synonyms for supplementary

Synonyms for supplementary

Synonyms for supplementary

functioning in a supporting capacity

added to complete or make up a deficiency


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According to the FAQ, if the principal holder is currently on the RM1 roaming promo, the supplementary lines can still enjoy the FamilyPass at RM38/day (charged separately).
According to the National Finance Law, the government can use supplementary budgets in cases of war, natural disasters, an economic recession, massive unemployment, changes in relations with North Korea or other major changes in economic conditions.
Currently, due to their lack of appeal for teachers, it remains a big question as to how students' needs for supplementary education will be fulfilled, as the privately owned preparatory schools known as "dershanes" are scheduled to be shut down as of 2015.
Accordingly, the supplementary estate is expected to be presented to parliament around mid November.
The Speaker, Alhaji Aminu Shagali, while reading the message from the executive, said the supplementary budget was necessitated by the fresh injection of funds received by the state Planning and Budget Commission.
As they shot down the supplementary budget, the MCAs insisted it contained illegalities and they would not approve of it.The MCAs were unanimous in the rejection saying the law prohibits the transfer of development money to pay salaries or other emoluments.
In May, Finance Executive Mary Nguli had allowed Assembly Clerk Elijah Mutambuki to fund the MCAs who had been scheduled to visit Singapore, UAE, Canada and Malaysia.REALLOCATE FUNDS"The purpose of my letter is to inform you of the approval to reallocate funds to foreign travel and payment of legal fees as requested, provided that the same is regularised through a supplementary budget before the end of this financial year," Ms Nguli said in a letter to the clerk dated May 15.Mr Mutambuki had on the same day written to Ms Nguli requesting for reallocation of the funds to the foreign travel budget.
Responding to the points of the opposition members on the supplementary demands for grants, Minister of State for Finance and Revenue Hammad Azhar said the present government has substantially brought them down.
Starting debate on the supplementary budget, Awami National Party MPA Shakeel Bashir Khan wondered if financial matters headed in the right direction, then why the government presented the supplementary budget.
Owing to a steep reduction of Rs300 billion or 37.5%, the government issued only Rs106 billion in supplementary budget in the outgoing fiscal year 2018-19, showed the budget documents tabled in the National Assembly.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's ace mountaineer Sirbaz Khan, who became first Pakistani to scale down Mount Lhotse, the 4th highest peak of 8516m tall mountain in Himalayan Region in Nepal, that too without using supplementary oxygen, on Tuesday requested the government to support mountaineers of the country, who are more than capable of scaling down any given mountain of the world.
SUPPLEMENTARY questions are set to be restored at full council meetings - but councillors have been warned the situation will never be "perfect".
The Committee also considered and approved various demands of Division Ministries for Supplementary and Technical Supplementary grants.
ISLAMABAD -- Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet Wednesday approved various demands of divisions and ministries for supplementary and technical supplementary grants.
The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has announced a second supplementary voter registration.
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