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Synonyms for supplement



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Synonyms for supplement

something that completes another


a subordinate element added to another entity

to supply what is lacking

Synonyms for supplement

textual matter that is added onto a publication

a quantity added (e

add as a supplement to what seems insufficient

serve as a supplement to

add to the very end

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Attendance and participation in classes were positive; 381 people attended the Nutrition Class; 375 women participated in the Supplements Class; and 350 women attended the Exercise Class.
Before taking a supplement, the following questions should be answered:
Why is Utah such a hotbed for supplement companies?
Several studies have found most herbal supplements are ineffectual in the relief of menopausal symptoms, regardless of their popularity.
Research suggests that supplement users tend to be healthy people with positive attitudes about their diets and their health, Dickinson says.
- Pet Specialty Leads Brick-and-Mortar Retail in Pet Supplement Purchasing
Liver damage is also a serious risk: One study found that one in five cases of chemical-induced liver damage is caused by a dietary supplement.
Wommack."Now, it's the second most popular supplement in the herbal/botanical category.
However, Grant Thornton indicates there is room for growth in other dietary supplement categories among men due to an increasing drive towards healthy lifestyles and wellness.
Each individual supplement name was reported by the respondent during the survey.
Your health depends on your being honest with your healthcare providers about supplement use.
LionHeart Supplements opened the doors in 2014 and almost a year on the company has seen outstanding results.
Of those responding, 46% cited overall health and wellness benefits as the main reason for their supplement usage, while three in 10, or 30%, said they consume supplements to fill nutrient gaps in their diet--and 28% said they take daily supplements for energy.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public against using nine unregistered food supplements beings sold in the market.
EN was unable to find any independent analysis measuring the thousands of natural phytonutrients whole food supplement makers claim their products contain.