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act of taking the place of another especially using underhanded tactics

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Lanes, together with Indigenous Peoples (IP) leaders, also reiterated that part of CPP-NPAs' supplanting is the establishment of IP schools that 'brainwashes' their youth and turning them into child warriors
Supplanting can occur in several ways, most commonly when the agency uses grant funds in place of previously appropriated funds.
It makes a good case for studying nineteenth-century African American novels as literary forms rather than as sociohistorical treatises and for supplanting the slave narrative as the "foundational genre" of the African American literary tradition.
Advances will be driven by material enhancements that will continue to enable tapes to widen their scope of use by supplanting alternative joining and bonding systems in industrial assembly, packaging and other applications.
At that time, the interface was tasked primarily with supplanting the decade-old serial port, as well as ports like the PS/2 which are primarily used for pointing devices.
Rock's legislation would define humanity as we have known it out of existence, supplanting it with a new and lesser order of human being where we would be reduced to our sheer biological status as suppliers of genetic material; where our offspring at the most vulnerable phases of human existence would be at law nothing more than "organisms;" where technology would eclipse the supremacy of God in the creation and ordering of human life.
WPP also recently announced plans to merge with rival agency Young & Rubicam, New York's largest agency, which would make WPP the world's largest advertising agency, supplanting the present leader, Omnicom.
Back in the Giardini, the usual perplexing diversity of spectacle prevailed in the national pavilions, with videos, computer screens and animations supplanting conventional drawings, models and photographs as a means of disseminating buildings and ideas.
As the business world moves increasingly to e-commerce, such enterprise-class Unix systems are increasingly surrounding and supplanting IBM's venerated mainframes, according to new research published by the Robert Frances Group (RFG).
By the sixteenth century, with the supplanting of custom by contract, lineal descent (which Howell assumes to be inherently more stable [73]) had replaced the survivor of the conjugal couple as the prevailing focus.
Walter Benjamin described aura--that intangible quality that distinguishes an object from its photographic reproduction--as the effect of a thing's "unique existence." According to Benjamin, not only do photographs lack their own aura, they destroy the ones objects possess by supplanting a singular presence with a potentially infinite number of copies.
Jeffrey Escoffier, who has taught a course titled "Queer Theory and the Sociological Imagination" at the New School for Social Research in New York City, argues that by supplanting gay studies, queer theory has distanced gay and lesbian academics from their primary audience.
After all, with Shakespeare today supplanting even Jane Austen as Hollywood's premier screenwriter, stories such as that of Romeo and Juliet have become common knowledge.
Poet who gave Australian poetry a more philosophical tone, supplanting traditional bush ballads of old.