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Synonyms for suppertime

the customary or habitual hour for the evening meal


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It must be almost suppertime. I'd better put a pot of water on.
Jesus still prefers to meet up with his friends at suppertime. Can you blame him?
Beginning on page 5 are the Warm & Cozy Breakfasts, I found the Cheddar Cheese Strata to be a tasty Breakfast, or even fall suppertime meal.
On a visit to his monastic home, the College of the Resurrection near Leeds, he was seated with his elderly colleagues one suppertime discussing the pros and cons of buying a new suit when advanced age had been reached.
Since its launch, foodora has a network in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Dubai and Hong Kong, with acquisitions made in Canada (Hurrier), Australia (Suppertime) and Austria (Heimschmecker).
Rylant's gift for sly yet sweet humor is on every page, whether describing Herman's learned family of crows ("At suppertime ...
Suppertime came and, as usual, my dad Tough Guy slid his favorite fold-up camping chair to the head of the table.
At suppertime, he left the cake untouched so they could cut it and have dessert with him.
"I'd never been on a train before," he recalls of that day 75 years ago, "and I was really excited about it, thinking I'd be back by suppertime.
We hit the dock running, caught a tram to the cabin, hoped our stuff was enough and fanned out in all directions, until suppertime catching everything but up.
Using German frankfurters in our sausage and mixed bean cassoulet gives a lovely smoky flavour to a quick suppertime dish.
Night eating symptoms were defined as consuming greater than 25% of daily energy after suppertime. To determine the glycaemic control HbA1c levels were analyzed.
He is never more self-possessed than during a whiskey-fueled suppertime argument among the former comrades about Syria's civil war -- specifically whether to support the nominally secular regime or the increasingly Islamist-looking opposition.
YOU may not like the look of it, but wartime housewives would have peered jealously at my suppertime sheep's heart.
So for instance, if you're someone who doesn't eat breakfast, start your 24 hours at suppertime. Then by lunchtime the next day, you're only a few hours away from your next meal.