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It was Benjamin Franklin who said: 'Rather go to bed supperless than rise in debt.'
either the spirit o' the fig, Or, if we bring in men, the gardener, Archbishop of the orchard--had I time To try o' the two which fits in best: indeed It might be the Creator's self, but then The tree should bear an apple, I suppose,-- Well, anyhow, one with authority said 'Ripe fig, burst skin, regale the fig-pecker-- The bird whereof thou art a perquisite!' 'Nay,' with a flounce, replied the restif fig, 'I much prefer to keep my pulp myself: He may go breakfastless and dinnerless, Supperless of one crimson seed, for me!' So, back she flopped into her bunch of leaves.
Occasionally, a marauding sparrowhawk will crash into the bush in hot pursuit of prey, invariably departing supperless with its feathers in wild disarray.
If ceremonies due they did aright; / As, supperless to bed they must retire" (47-51).
In the evening I went supperless to bed on a sand bar.
As Benjamin Franklin advised, "Rather to go to bed supperless than rise in debt."
The infantile trauma of house cleaning is intensified by the fact that it is usually performed under duress in response to a seemingly irrational and autocratic mandate, as in the case of making my bed, an activity I found so senseless that I remained on strike for most of my life despite frequent groundings, supperless evenings, and suspensions of my weekly allowance.