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usually a small luxurious nightclub

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The Supper Club enjoyed a Burn's Night meal at the Radmoor Restaurant on Thursday, January 25.
This' is Cerines supper club -- which admittedly I'd never heard of till recently, even though it's been going for nearly four years.
Rachel decides to partner with him to start the Saturday Night Supper Club.
At a supper club meal on Thursday, August 24, the couple will showcase the possibilities these products offer.
Pork crackling and garlic peanuts starter at Luto London Filipino supper club.
So, for the first time, the farm's fruit and veg will be used on the next Supper Club menu on June 2, alongside a specially-created citrus elder flower fizz.
With the first Supper Club scheduled for 2nd May, the monthly dinners will feature Italian cuisine with a regularly changing menu focussing on seasonal ingredients and complemented with fine wines.
The idea was a secret supper club with nice food, nice wine and it's been going great since the first event.
Continue reading "A Pop-up Supper Club, Made Up of Teenagers Inspired by 'Tikkun Olam,' Feeds NYC's Elderly" at.
She'll be holding parent and children cookery classes, evening masterclasses and 20 Mile pop-up supper clubs, with all the ingredients sourced from a 20-mile radius of Birmingham.
The occasion is the last party of the season at The Westhampton Leisure Hour and Supper Club and anybody who is anybody has turned out in force.
There, Candis helped launch venues including The New York Palace Hotel, The Venetian Resort Hotel (Las Vegas), Lotus Supper Club and the Rumi Supper Club (Miami).
Well now you can have the chance again, thanks to comedy club Big Mouth Comedy when its brand new Supper Club launches at Middlesbrough's Thistle Hotel on Saturday, October 4.
Nine-year-old Anya Prior and her brother, 11-year-old Nathan, launched The Super Supper Club last month in a bid to raise funds for Central Liverpool Foodbank.