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Synonyms for supper



evening snack


  • evening snack
  • bite
  • bite to eat

Words related to supper

a light evening meal

a social gathering where a light evening meal is served

References in classic literature ?
"I do so want to have my supper with you," sighed Sara Ray, "but I s'pose ma will drag me with her wherever she goes.
Upon making known our desires for a supper and a bed, Mrs.
It took us half an hour's hard labour, after that, before it was properly up, and then we cleared the decks, and got out supper. We put the kettle on to boil, up in the nose of the boat, and went down to the stern and pretended to take no notice of it, but set to work to get the other things out.
Why did not you ask him whether he'd have any supper? I think he is in the other gentleman's room; go up and ask whether he called.
My dear chap, what you want is a bit of supper. Why don't you come along?'
Silas was thinking with double complacency of his supper: first, because it would be hot and savoury; and secondly, because it would cost him nothing.
I'll just go up there myself after supper and load the shot-gun and wait.
It was the consecrated formula, and he expected it to be followed, as usual, by her rising and going down to supper. But she remained seated, and he could think of nothing more felicitous than: "I presume you're tired after the long ride."
"The supper is completely served, and we shall eat it very well without waiters.
Franz was sitting on the spot where he was on the previous evening when his mysterious host had invited him to supper; and he saw the little yacht, now like a sea-gull on the wave, continuing her flight towards Corsica.
"Let's go somewhere where we can get some supper. We'll go to the Abbaye Theleme, and you shall have the pleasure of entertaining me."
Was there not something said about supper at your rooms before or after the dance?"
'If you haven't got anything newer than that to say,' growled Mr Codlin, glancing at the clock, 'you'd better let us fix our minds upon the supper, and not disturb us.'
Before supper, Prince Andrew, coming back to his father's study, found him disputing hotly with his visitor.
"Thee wouldstna go to work again, wi'out ha'in thy bit o' supper?"