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Synonyms for supine

Synonyms for supine

lying face upward


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offering no resistance

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First, children were kept quietly in the supine position on the tilt table (HUT-821, Beijing Juchi, China) for 10 min, and their HR, blood pressure, and electrocardiograph were recorded by a Dash 2000 Multi-lead Physiological Monitor (General Electric, New York, USA).
7 Cervical traction can be applied in either supine position 8,9 or by placing a patient in a halo vest in sitting position.
The present study has tested the hypothesis that the fall in the hemodynamic parameters, systolic, and diastolic BP is more significant during squatting to standing than supine to standing.
Of particular note, those who reported that their social norms supported placing the infant in the prone position were much more likely to do so, compared with those who felt that their social norms supported using only the supine position (aOR, 11.
A thorough search was performed to examine and understand the factors affecting compliance with the recommendation of the supine position for infant sleep.
Yet, no study has examined the effect of blood-sampling arm position on the calculation of posture-induced versus exercise-induced [DELTA]PV, when a postural control period is assigned between supine rest and an exercise bout.
Supine position SWL was not considered because of hindrance by the pelvic bone preventing the shockwave from reaching the distal ureter.
5) The POP-Q staging system was recorded in the standard supine position prior to imaging of the prolapse.
The manufacturer-recommended spreader bar (either 8- or 10-point) was used for each of the respective supine slings.
In the study, researchers from University of Michigan found that supine sleep increased the risk of low birth weight by a factor of 5 and that it was the low birth weight that explained the high risk for stillbirth in these women.
A portable supine abdominal radiograph demonstrated the Rigler's and football signs in keeping with a pneumoperitoneum (Fig.
To date, however, such research has been conducted in the supine position only, and almost no research was conducted in the prone position.
Conclusion: A postural IOP change can occur when an individual changes its position from sitting to supine position.
Supine posture adversely affects both the mother's and foetus's condition (Kravchenko, 2008).