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Synonyms for supine

Synonyms for supine

lying face upward


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offering no resistance

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Finally, the patients laid in supine position on the clinic stretcher with no pillow for 10 minutes, after which the same IOP measurement procedure was repeated.
During the three stages, all patients who fitted the study criteria were placed in a supine position on their own beds, and after they had rested in this position for five minutes, measurements of vital signs (HR, SBP/DBP and RR), [SPO.sub.2] and dyspnea severity were taken and recorded on the patient identification form.
"Using positional therapy to keep the pregnant mother off her back may reduce supine sleep in late pregnancy and may also provide both maternal and fetal health benefits, with minimal impact on maternal perception of sleep quality and sleep time."
(12) In primary or secondary diseases of the autonomic nervous system, NOH often is accompanied by supine hypertension.
In this study, ICP increased and CPP decreased in the supine position with different degrees of HOB elevation, however, these values were not affected by HOB elevation.
Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of arm position (Horizontal versus Pendent) on the calculation of posture-induced versus jogginginduced [DELTA]PV from supine rest to standing rest, from standing rest through a bout of jogging, and from supine rest through the exercise bout.
The supine position could effectively relieve symptoms, and all patients had a positive head-up test and no other cardiovascular diseases.[10],[11],[12] The controls included 27 children (11 boys and 16 girls) with a mean age of 12.0 [+ or -] 0.8 years.
A modification of the lateral position is called Oxford position, in which supine position is avoided till start of procedure and an upward slope is created in the thoracic region.
[3] reported a safe percutaneous access to the kidney with a supine patient, and 10 years later they reported the in vivo experience with 557 patients [4].
Although these past studies have implicated a potential role of GERD in the development of ISS, the characterization of the pattern of reflux, that is, whether these patients have mixed, supine, or predominant upright reflux, is unclear.
We hypothesized that JD might increase HRV in a heterogeneous group of human subjects during physical inactivity produced by uninterrupted supine or seated postures.