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turn (the hand or forearm) so that the back is downward or backward, or turn out (the leg)

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The following different supinating conditions that were chosen to evaluate muscle reaction time were 15[degrees] inversion during ankle in neutral (0015) and 20[degrees] of plantarflexion (2015) and 30[degrees] inversion during ankle in neutral (0030) and 20[degrees] of plantarflexion (2030) (Figure 1a, b).
This protocol includes holding the weight in a handshake grip at full extension (to the side of the chair), then supinating during flexion so that the palm of the hand faces the biceps at full flexion.
Marshall says, "Throwing screwballs is safer than throwing pitches that require baseball pitchers to supinate their pitching forearm through release." Supinating the forearm means turning your left hand counter-clockwise away from your body with the thumb up, the way a left-handed pitcher throws a curve; pronating the forearm is the opposite motion, the screwball delivery.
As Laportilla explains, "This helps strengthen the weak supinating muscles and reinforces new habits of resisting the pronating movement." She suggests doing a few sets of 10 to 15 repetitions throughout the day.
Posterior glide applied and then tape applied over the lateral malleolus and travelled around the lower leg (taping changed after 24 hrs) Hsieh et al., Self MWM: supinating the proximal phalanx 2002 of the thumb using other hands index and thumb, while performing flexion of the thumb undergoing MWM Author Times of Ax O/C measures Bisset et al., 6 weeks and Global improvement.