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turn (the hand or forearm) so that the back is downward or backward, or turn out (the leg)

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The patient must supinate to accommodate this abnormality.
Physical examination of the right elbow when patient visited the hospital in Thailand demonstrated swelling at the antecubital fossa, mild tenderness at the distal biceps, and muscle weakness or pain when attempting to supinate the forearm and flex the elbow.
But in functional view the upper limb could also be divided into three different parts: the upper arm is used to raise the whole limb, the forearm's function is to bend elbow and give the rotation needed to supinate and pronate the hand so as to reach something in different direction, and the hand is primarily used to hold something.
The main function of the biceps is to supinate the forearm.
Then I also supinate them and make sure they have at least as much pain-free range of motion as they do on the uninjured side.
The patient was told to grab the handle of a regular hammer in his left hand and slowly supinate and pronate his forearm.
The child's right hand is in a pronated position; he cannot supinate without using his other hand to assist, despite three operations.
Other runners supinate - the opposite of pronation - where the foot rolls outwards.
In supination, you place the thumb over the radial head, grab the wrist, supinate the forearm, and flex the elbow.
The lower foot tends to supinate by angling to the outside edge, and the higher foot tends to pronate by striking on the inside edge.
Physical examination showed swelling and tenderness on the ulnar side of his left wrist, and his pain worsened when he attempted to supinate his left forearm.
Imagine the heel to be a pendulum swinging in and out as you supinate and pronate.
The target posture required subjects to either supinate or pronate the virtual wrist across a movement distance of 75[degrees] to achieve success.