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Walt Miles is responsible for the division's supervisory program for large, complex banking organizations.
Full and adequate disclosure of information by the GSEs regarding their financial conditions and risks is an important part of OFHEO's supervisory program, according to OFHEO.
Each LCBO is assigned a team of Federal Reserve supervisors, who conduct an ongoing supervisory program based on the risks that have been identified in the organization's operations.
Michael Hicks, supervisory program manager, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas
Today, I will discuss current strategies to minimize the frequency and costs of these unusual cases, recognizing that no supervisory program can prevent all failures.
As part of the Federal banking agencies' Year 2000 supervisory program, supervisors will assess the development and content of banking organizations' contingency plans, including those that address funding and liquidity needs.
This requires building local relationships, traveling within Yemen, doing interviews, and liaising closely with the USAID Supervisory Program Officer or designee
Detailed information about our supervisory program is attached as an addendum to this testimony and is readily available on a web site maintained by the Federal Reserve on behalf of these agencies.
This will be achieved through the creation of a regional multidisciplinary training and supervisory program in public and population health.
The Federal Reserve was still in the process of developing improved examination procedures and assessment systems (including, as I discuss below, an improved supervisory program, rating system, and examination manual).
Basis for Supervisory Rewards - Supervisory Program Design - Supervisory Feedback Approaches - Perceived Impact of Supervisory Programs - Supervisory Cost per Employee - Measure Program Performance?
The development of the school population, and social, political and social factors make the other necessary expansion of the supervisory program erforderlich.
Options let plant-floor users communicate alarm events in real time to users off the plant floor via email or NWA Quality Monitor Supervisor(TM), a complementary supervisory program from NWA.
I will also discuss several elements that the Federal Reserve believes are essential to a sound deposit insurance and supervisory program.
My goal is to assist the Board and Senior management in providing an effective, risk-focused internal audit program and in facilitating an effective, seamless supervisory program.
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