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Synonyms for supervise



Synonyms for supervise

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to direct and watch over the work and performance of others

Synonyms for supervise

watch and direct

keep tabs on

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If the equity-indexed annuity is a security, the firm would have to supervise the sale as a private security transaction, the regulator said.
Kushner Properties was established in May 2003 to supervise activities within Kushner Companies' commercial portfolio.
Photo: Library deputy director Steve Brogden helps supervise one of the nation's largest collections for a city the size of Thousand Oaks.
make it the business of the director or owner to actually supervise employees.
Dan's track record proves that he will efficiently supervise our teams and provide the quality our lender partners and their customers have come to expect.
Staff of the federal agencies that supervise banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions issued guidance on December 12, 2001, to help financial institutions comply with these agencies' consumer privacy regulations.
Under the Mitchell-Lama and limited dividend programs, the Housing Management unit supervises close to fifty cooperative housing developments.
DFI supervises over 700 financial institutions with assets totaling over $290 billion.
Surrey is president of Darwood and supervises all back office financial operations.
The Federal Reserve also directly supervises the U.
At Flaherty & Crumrine, he serves as a member of the portfolio management team and supervises a group of analysts at the firm's office in Summit, New Jersey, which focuses on credit research.
Fiduciary Asset Management currently manages and supervises approximately $16.
In response, RadioShack argued that there was no bright line standard for determining whether an employee customarily and regularly supervised two or more full time employees and that an employee who supervises two or more full time employees at least 60% or more of the time does so regularly and customarily.
The Department supervises over 650 financial institutions, including 204 commercial and industrial banks and 221 credit unions.
DFI supervises more than $55 billion in total credit union assets, making it the state credit union regulatory agency with the largest total assets under supervision.
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