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Synonyms for supervise



Synonyms for supervise

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to direct and watch over the work and performance of others

Synonyms for supervise

watch and direct

keep tabs on

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I'm also guessing this issue will come to a head when a B/D decides it doesn't want to supervise index annuity sales because they are not securities sales according to Congress and the courts, and FINRA then jumps on the B/D for failure to supervise.
But if I'm walking over to one group of athletes, say, for example, the high jumpers, how can I supervise the runners?--Rotating from group to group is reasonable supervision, especially if you follow the suggestions in this article.
Finally, those who supervise and evaluate novice teachers can promote efficacy by assisting them in conducting self-assessments.
CPAs who supervise or advise investment committees can use these standards to educate their clients to their duties.
These issues include competence to supervise, confidentiality, relationship boundaries, accountability and liability, and evaluation of performance.
Nurses who supervise CNAs need training in how to set consistent standards and hold workers accountable while respecting employees as individuals.
Because of licensure issues, nursing faculty must hold current licensure within the same state or province as the camp location in order to provide on-site care or supervise SNIs at a specific camp setting.
Obviously, these FIRs provide a wealth of information to COOs regarding activities uncovered by police contacts with offenders that they supervise. SMART Partnerships make police the eyes and ears of CCOs and give DOG an enhanced 24-hour capability, with no overtime and little associated cost.
If a candidate answers this question negatively, he or she is not allowed to be a supervising adult as it is not believed that he or she would adequately supervise the offender if unable to believe it is even possible that the offender may reoffend.
Anything an entity could do, its supervisor could supervise. Banks were limited in the securities activities they could pursue, even if the bank regulators kept pushing the envelope.
When, in the course of our work, we have asked physicians to identify the types of conflict that they find mast troublesome they cite situations with peers, people they supervise, and people who hold authority over some aspect of their professional lives.
On the surface, the provisions are simple: The SEC supervises advisers managing $25 million or more in client assets and the states supervise those managing less.
As the primary link between the organization and the practitioner, the rehabilitation supervisor is in an excellent position to develop, promote, and maintain ethical awareness and behavior in the individuals they supervise.
In June, the parliament approved the law, which will allow the body to supervise performance of the press institution, their financial and administrative activities.
Global Banking News-December 4, 2012--French prime minister says ECB needs to supervise all banks in the eurozone(C)2012 ENPublishing -