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  • verb

Synonyms for supervise



Synonyms for supervise

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to direct and watch over the work and performance of others

Synonyms for supervise

watch and direct

keep tabs on

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Adel added the decision could raise questions over the integrity of the upcoming referendum, which he asserted the movement would supervise "even if excluded," by way of appeal to their "populist right".
Because supervisors share professional interests with their supervisees, they are likely to encounter the counselors they supervise at various workshops or other professional functions.
Paragraph 2 describes supervision by stating: "I agree to supervise [offender] in the presence of children, which means I will always maintain visual and auditory contact with him and any child(ren) he is having contact with.
The challenge for the SEC is to find a way to supervise the international securities activities of the financial holding companies.
11 states, Rehabilitation counselors who employ or supervise other professionals or students will facilitate the professional development of such individuals.
Despite the agreement of judicial bodies to supervise the constitutional referendum, judges can refuse to participate, leading to uncertainty over the referendum.
The Provincial Secretary for Health and Provincial Secretary for Local Government would supervise the campaign in Killa Abdullah district.
The court held that the representative stated a supervisory liability claim under the due process clause, noting that a supervisor may be held liable under [section] 1983 if a failure to properly supervise and train an employee causes a deprivation of constitutional rights.
We already have a supervised therapeutic fitness center program, and we don't have the staff to supervise a larger independent program in the big room, too.
citizens imprisoned indefinitely without charge as part of the war on terrorism will supervise civil administration" in newly liberated Iraq, reported the April 4th London Guardian.
Staff of the federal agencies that supervise banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions issued guidance on December 12, 2001, to help financial institutions comply with these agencies' consumer privacy regulations.
Hervey explains that the first and largest expense is lining up a dance/movement therapist to supervise the program.
Although many responsible summer staff are mature beyond their years, we are still working with one of the most challenging age groups to supervise (16- to 24-year-olds at Orkila).
Dan's track record proves that he will efficiently supervise our teams and provide the quality our lender partners and their customers have come to expect.
make it the business of the director or owner to actually supervise employees.