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an additional tax on certain kinds of income that has already been taxed


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Barclays boss Bob Diamond, one of the few banks which wasn't bailed out, still had the audacity to call the new supertax a "stifling reform" which could push up the cost of mortgages and loans to ordinary people.
Now, if an Intuit employee wants to compete, he or she might take the source code and call the new product "SuperTax." That employee will save development time and can undercut the price the other two companies charge because of lower costs.
Second, Proposition 63 is unusual because it is funded by a 1% "supertax" on residents with personal income more than $1 million.
'Apart from paying ordinary tax, like all companies do, we pay a supertax of pounds 200 million a year extra, just for being ITV.
* A bill to create a "supertax" on contingent fees was defeated last year in committee.
If needed, and also as a means to prevent evasion, the assets tax may be replaced by an extraordinary supertax on corporate profits or sales.
I stopped a taxi and asked the driver to radio through to his office to call a cab for our customer and all he could do was give us a business card with a phone number or suggest we went to the office of Supertax.
According to the new budget, non-filers of income tax can now purchase luxury cars while supertax is expected to be continued indefinitely.
1909: In a revolutionary Budget, Chancellor David Lloyd George introduced a 'supertax' of sixpence in the pound for anyone earning more than PS5,000 a year, to pay for pensions and re-armament.
He said: "Under the SNP, you can imagine a sort-of supertax being imposed.
BRITAIN'S growing band of billionaires should be hit with a supertax, it was claimed last night.
A controversial one-off supertax on bonuses in Britain last year had failed to change behaviour, as bankers had found "imaginative ways" of avoiding it, the former Chancellor Alistair Darling, who introduced it, said last week.
The current arrangements amount to a "supertax" on some of the worst-off in society, said the minister, adding that he feels a maths degree is needed to work out how to claim benefits.
BAILED-OUT bankers will KEEP their bumper bonuses despite the new supertax, experts revealed yesterday.