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a hypothetical particle that is the elementary particle in a theory of space-time

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Next, I discovered Type IIA superstring theory which involves closed strings and resembled my drawing below.
The reality that quantum and superstring theories offer is the space she needs for her questioning of the relationship between the observer and the observed.
The subject of talks covers an extensive variety of themes in theoretical and numerical material science including conformal field theory, gravitation, and cosmology, superstring theory, the phenomenology of high-energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics.
The subject of talks will cover a wide range of topics in theoretical and mathematical physics including conformal field theory, gravitation and cosmology, superstring theory, phenomenology of high energy physics, condensed matter physics and plasma physics.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in fifteen chapters devoted to fields, the geometry of space, gravity, black holes, cosmology, the dark universe, galaxies, stars, planets, the life of stars, the origin of the elements, elementary particles, fundamental interactions, the standard model, superstring unification, and a variety of other related subjects.
Mikio Sankey's Support the Mountain is part of Esoteric Acupuncture, a philosophy that synthesises Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Five Element Theory with Ancient Wisdom, naturopathy and the new physics of quantum, field and superstring theory.
In the present research, the mass of a black hole was computed on a computer based on Maldacena's theory, and the results were compared with the results obtained by approximate calculation based on conventional superstring theory, which incorporate the quantum gravity effects.
When describing the range of her oeuvre, Obrist has invoked physics' Superstring Theory -- an effort to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory.
In the superstring theory of Quantum physics, you have 11 dimensions, and this is true for Etel, because there are so many aspects of her work."
Superstring theory was originally regarded as the most promising GUT, (49) as it held out the promise of also uniting gravitation with the other forces in a manner consistent with quantum mechanics.
"Professor Costas Kounnas is one of the leading theoretical physicists in Europe, having made outstanding contributions to a wide range of fields, including theoretical particle physics, quantum field theory, supergravitation and superstring theory, and cosmology," the news release said.
Arkani-Hamed and his collaborators follow the giant footsteps of the remarkable pioneering early 20th-century work of the great multidimensional theorists--Einstein, Hermann Minkowski, Theodore Kaluza, and Oskar Klein--and of the later String and Superstring theorists, but they, too, have not included something the Diamond Scientists regard as fundamental.
Gleiser (theoretical physics, Dartmouth College) says that superstring theory is wrong, that it will never be proven, and that we should be content with the idea that nature is messy.
Likewise, Gillespie takes advantage of the six extra dimensions of space postulated in prominent forms of superstring theory.
This paper offers an inquiry into the line of arguments presented by Hawking and Mlodinow in their book The Grand Design and supported with the claim that the yet unknown version of the superstring theory, the M-theory, is an ultimate theory of the Universe.