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Synonyms for supersession

act of replacing one person or thing by another especially one held to be superior


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Baxter did raise one point during the supersession that many companies could stand to follow.
Supersession and the long tenure of contemptuous and often murderous relation of Christians to Jews is arch-villain for all these writers.
We might think of supersession as the Old Historicist way of reading time, explosion as the New Historicist model, and conjunction as Harris' way of theorising time, one that is much more complex than either of the other two approaches.
Amazon, ShopKo Stores and Dominic's Kitchen Store Hill take part in a panel discussion at the International Housewares Association's 2008 Chief Housewares Executive SuperSession from Sept.
In the REA, Congress included a provision-now known as the supersession clause--that declared existing statutes in conflict with new rules to "be of no further force or effect.
1 includes automated Key Supersession facilities, which make annual encryption key renewals, as recommended by CESG, easy to manage and deploy.
Islam's historic resistance to Christianity, based on its own theology of supersession, its disastrous experiences and memories from the epoch of the Crusades, and its imposition of shari'ah (religious law) have made conversion to Christianity and baptism in the name of the Triune God illegal and punishable by death or ostracism.
A welcome and "reader friendly" addition to any self-help, self-improvement reading list or library reference shelf collections, The Complete Being is very strongly recommended, especially for those who are chronically unhappy or persistently unsatisfied by the everyday tedium surrounding their life and supersession their most deeply rooted ambitions.
The convention's opening day supersession will focus on the impact baby boomers are having on the marketplace.
And designer Luc Lafortune and the creative team of Cirque du Soleil promise to wow everyone with what is being billed as "a supersession about lighting.
1363(d) and 1374 and the supersession of the General Utilities doctrine.
According to Lewine, these initiation rituals are also reflected in the chapel decorations through an emphasis on baptism and communion, the transmission and repetition of the Apostolic Creed and Pater Noster, and the supersession of the Old Testament by the New.
It foresees nuclear world war, dated here at 2044, the building of a socialist world commonwealth in 2062, the eventual supersession of capitalism and of socialism by a decentralised order of self-governing communities, and the Darwin Project in species modification, set at 2169.
The Brand Matters SuperSession focused on how consumers are really engaging with digital media.
The Chief Minister keeping in view serious complaints of mismanagement and irregularities in the society has ordered supersession of Fishermen Society with immediate effect and appointed Noor Ahmed Leghari, Secretary Livestock and Fisheries Department as Administrator for a period of 6-month.