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an inscription written above something else

the activity of superscribing

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Jarndyce received a letter, and looking at the superscription, said, "From Boythorn?
Almost as soon as the ink was dry upon their superscriptions, he had left the tall chimneys of Coketown behind, and was in a railway carriage, tearing and glaring over the dark landscape.
Mark how her turning shoulders wind the hours, And hasten while her penniless rich palms Pass superscription of bent foam and wave,--Hasten, while they are true,--sleep, death, desire.
I ventured to suggest in reply that as the town of Calgary has at present no municipal arms and motto, it should adopt a design showing a cowboy wrestling with a travelling [reporter] appropriately attired as a angel, with the superscription, 'I will not let thee go except thou bless me.
If she had symptom, she should choose one or more among the symptoms listed in the superscription (roughness, breaking voice, voice with air, lack of air, weak voice, pain while talking, effort to talk, fatigue to talk, burning throat, tight throat, dry throat, sore throat, itchy throat, scratchy throat, lump in the throat, and phlegm).
Government should check that superscription to the pirates by frequent patrolling by coast guard.
Kite asks Jack to sympathize with his longing for home and family: "The very Image and Superscription of my Brother, two Bullets of the same Caliber were never so like; sure it must be Charles" (3.
City librarian Geoff Dart, who knew more about Cardiff than anyone I know, writing in Stewart Williams' Cardiff Yesterday (Volume 17), had this to say: "Of all the imposing developments carried out by Soloman Andrews in the city centre, the one which has the most historical significance for me is Andrews Buildings in Queen Street bearing the superscription 'Erected by S Andrews and Son 1896 AD'.
Chinese cash had a square hole in the center symbolizing Earth surrounded by the circle of Heaven, with a superscription of the emperor, son of Heaven and Earth.
The most obvious is that seventy-three of the Psalms begin with a superscription (introductory verse) that identifies the composition as being "L'David.
The first part is given the superscription Exitus (outflow), as it is primarily concerned with the rootedness of creation within the life of God.
The superscription of the bank upon a piece of paper," Elgine Groseclose (1934: 70) observes, "became a better certificate of valid money than the seal of the state upon the coin, and because it was not, like coin, subject to wear and abrasion, it became a more acceptable medium of payment than the actual metal.
It can be noted that superscription and transcription were written in almost all patients (100.