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Synonyms for superordinate

one of greater rank or station or quality

a word that is more generic than a given word

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place in a superior order or rank

of higher rank or status or value

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The first author then identified connections between the emergent themes by ascribing superordinate themes, which were identified first within families and then between families.
The group account is compatible with the notion that some individuals can be assigned to a subordinate or superordinate race without being assigned to subordinate or superordinate status.
Once a point of theoretical saturation was reached, and when no new conceptual categories could be generated from the narrative data, axial and superordinate codes were developed.
Specific target tasks of college ESL learners were determined through interviews and questionnaires, and these tasks were then classified under superordinate target task types.
The research on superordinate identification can enrich our thinking about the jury.
Given this, consumers are likely to rely on superordinate attribute information such as the overall perceived healthfulness of the meal category (e.
Each interview lasted approximately 45 minutes and included review of the codes, themes, and superordinate themes.
Although strategy is ever superordinate in providing meaning for behavior, it has to be done by tactics.
Is the development of this document an answer to the superordinate and in other words a means to silence them, or is it based on the potentials of the town and a look at the 20-year vision?
Superordinate administrative committees, town planning authorities, and other state organizations like planning institutes and building combines are required by Section 52 of the law to design towns and villages in such a way that living conditions in urban and rural areas are the same.
A context-sensitive and functional approach to evidentiality in Spanish or why evidentiality needs a superordinate category.
40% respondents agree that sometimes their subordinates never complete given task in time and ignore wording of their boss, and 25% said that they always do not complete their given task in time and ignore the wording of their female superordinate.
He contrasts a hierarchical, top-down organizational models to a pluralist, heterarchical one that embeds recursive feedback loops within it (including Douglas Hofstadter's "strange loops" in which subordinate units are momentarily superordinate [107]).
In essence, the military had established a superordinate role over the Turkish political system, constraining its evolution into a secularized, democratic political system.
It is a content list that designates the superordinate and subordinate categories in the material through the use of font size and label color.