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Intratesticular causes include testicular torsion, neoplasm, and supernumerary testis, whereas extratesticular causes include hematoma, hydrocele, inguinal hernia, and extension of systemic disease [7].
Therefore, the supernumerary testis lacks an epididymis and vas deferens.
In most cases, a single and generally left-sided supernumerary testis was present.
Type I: Supernumerary testis lacks an epididymis or vas and is not attached to the lower testis.
Although testicular biopsy is rarely indicated in the pediatric population, we performed a biopsy of the supernumerary testis to establish the diagnosis by verifying normal seminiferous tubules and normal spermatogenesis.
Controversially, some authors suggest conservative treatment and imaging follow-up with no resection of the supernumerary testis.