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an incorporeal being believed to have powers to affect the course of human events

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While "Midnight, Texas" is populated by supernatural beings, Saracino said that the show is also about family.
Japan possesses a vast folklore of supernatural beings, the taxonomy for which is fabulously complex.
Is this a ghost Newsham Joe revealed the building had been plagued by supernatural beings in the past.
Unable to return home, Milo must adjust to life on a new planet of nation-states that are ruled by supernatural beings, a strange, pseudo-Victorian culture, and a pantheon of dark gods who delight in wreaking havoc on the lives of the local denizens.
The pattern of stars represented the outlines of their gods, mythical characters, sacred objects and supernatural beings from the legends of the day.
They are among thousands of children who decorate their face and body in elaborate styles resembling supernatural beings of Balinese Imagination.
But when you put five girls in a camp full of weird supernatural beings and make a comic series about it, pretty much anything can happen.
After defeating the forces of darkness, Willa faces new problems, including the rebuilding of Eldritch Manor, a retirement home for supernatural beings.
Jackaby, the eponymous hero, is a Sherlockian-style investigator who has the added ability of being able to see supernatural beings, which comes in handy as New Fiddleham, and Jackaby's own home and office, is home to many strange creatures.
A good biologist must be open to the idea that the character of life on Earth can be explained without reference to supernatural beings.
Thanks to the supernatural beings inhabiting the hotel, things don't really work out so well.
Families began making similar lit-up turnips to ward off Jack and other evil spirits at Halloween, the time when supernatural beings were believed to cross over into our world.
It is said to be over 4,000 years old and contains religious spells as well as colourful depictions of divine and supernatural beings, which reportedly predate those found in the Book of the Dead manuscripts.
Writes Cynthia, "Taniwha are supernatural beings that live in or near lakes, rivers, or the sea, and resemble reptiles, dragons or sharks, although they can also change shape into other sea creatures.
They reject that we are mere toys of supernatural beings, or of fate, or of a fixed personality.