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Synonyms for supernatural

Synonyms for supernatural

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

greatly exceeding or departing from the normal course of nature

Synonyms for supernatural

supernatural forces and events and beings collectively

not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws

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The Sam actor has been with the show for the entirety of its fun and even met wife Genevieve Padalecki on "Supernatural."
He also suggests that the witchcraft legislation of the 1580s (like that of 1563 discussed by Devine below) was intended to suppress a solidly secular Catholic political risk rather than a more ephemeral supernatural malaise.
“Yes,” agrees Dan “and we hope that people will get behind us so that we can help them step into their God given right to walk in true supernatural power that will change their lives for the good.”
Ron added: "It would have worked in Wallace's favour for people to think he had supernatural powers or had the supernatural on his side.
Yet supernatural explanations such as witchcraft were also frequently supported among children (ages 5 and up) and universally among adults.
Hoyt, and Edith Wharton', argues that supernatural tales by American women both known and unknown give voice to anxieties about male control over women and, in some cases, children.
They encourage the reader to take a step beyond their personal safety zones to step out into a life of radical Christianity or supernatural living.
Supernatural is a must-see for those who enjoy high-quality TV drama, and Season Two, Volume Two, is a must-see DVD for all Supernatural fans.
Despite the wonderful efforts of many Canadian Catholic school teachers to bring the faith to our children, there is often a sense of the human taking precedence over the supernatural. How often do we actually talk about "the child's ultimate destiny?" How often do we tell children that the most important thing in life is loving God first, then our neighbour, and preparing for heaven?
Jeff Belanger's OUR HAUNTED LIVES: TRUE LIFT GHOST ENCOUNTERS (1564148564 $14.99) results from interviews with dozens of witnesses to supernatural phenomena, providing a fine collection of testimonies of experience from those who have seen and sometimes communicated with ghosts.
Supernaturalism, in contrast, is belief in a supernatural agency that intervenes in the course of natural laws.
64), and "we express no opinion on the ultimate veracity of ID as a supernatural explanation" (p.
African Philosophy focuses on an exciting set of interrelated metaphysical issues: the nature of ontological commitments in African thought systems, whether these commitments are rooted in the supernatural or empirical, and whether they have implications for human values.
Several hundred years ago, the English referred to nighttime sensations of chest pressure from witches or other supernatural beings as the "mare," from the Anglo-Saxon merran, meaning to crush.
But what soon becomes clear is that there is nothing genuine about them; in fact there is something almost supernatural about their ability to find themselves the center of attention.