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a fashion model who has attained the status of a celebrity

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Maybe being a supermodel really does make everything easier: physical perfection, which translates to copious milk production and babies that sleep through the night at four weeks, and a body that miraculously snap back into Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue shape as soon as you get home from the hospital.
Ayyan's attorney Latif Khosa said law is his profession, adding that he has also charged the supermodel for his services and that Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar should ask Nawaz Sharif about his law practice.
Chaudhry Ijaz was the investigating officer who was probing supermodel Ayyan after she had been charged with currency smuggling and money laundering.
With its encouraging tone, this well-crafted book will help readers find their inner supermodel.
According to reports the supermodel, alleged involved in money laundering has expressed grave concern over the new development against her.
She told FASHION Magazine that people who win Nobel Peace Prizes and cure diseases are not supermodels and your legacy does not need to be a perception of beauty that's not realistic.
Only a small percentage of those who apply to join Supermodel Club are successful," says Eleanor Evans, founder of Supermodel Club.
WHILE most of us can only dream of having a supermodel figure, it is possible to get their flawless, glowing complexion by following their top beauty secrets.
Supermodel Kate, 39, was drinking with her husband supermodel Naomi Campbell, the Stone Age and Hollywood
SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell has signed up as a mentor for a new UK TV talent search, The Face.
We all know they do, they're always gorging on cotton wool balls, cream crackers and smoke - and now there's more evidence after the original supermodel, Helena Christensen, was pictured with a foot-long Subway sandwich.
Supermodel Heidi Klum is in Dubai this week to record her 'Germany's Next Top Model' reality show, in which contestants model dresses created by a Dubai-based designer.
Summary: Supermodel Naomi Campbell has opened her own fashion boutique in London's Westfield shopping centre.
ITV's Lorraine Kelly and Look Magazine have launched a national search to find a new UK supermodel with a difference.