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a person with great powers and abilities

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Krypton' features a lot of other characters from the Superman canon, some of which have been linked to Krypton before, some of which haven't," Goyer told (http://www.
Honestly, the only Superman show or movie I had ever watched was 'Lois and Clark,'' Hoechlin told the Inquirer in an e-mail interview.
3 SUPERMAN (1978) CHRISTOPHER REEVE trained with David Prowse, best known as Darth Vader in Star Wars, to get in shape for his Superman role.
It ends with Superman unmasking the Gotham hero and abruptly ends with a black screen as he puts down the bat-shaped cowl.
When the Superman television series ended in 1958, she retired from the industry, though she later made occasional appearances in Superman-related productions, such as Superman Returns in 2006.
Those details have led author Larry Tye to the conclusion that Superman, the subject of his latest book, is Jewish.
The one commemorative coil and five commemorative stamps feature images of Superman that show how illustrators have refreshed his image over the decades.
But Superman versus Batman is more than a box-office stunt.
Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con on Saturday to announce he is making another Superman film and it will include Batman — the first time the two superheroes will be united on the big screen.
How can someone save Superman and his Crew Chief Achilles?
His admiration began when he was a child and watched Superman lifting a stack of cars on the big screen.
You can just forget about "Truth, justice and the American way," the slogan Superman has been intoning since the 1930s.
For now, the next Superman cuds will see on the bigscreen will not be Brandon Routh but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful DC superheroes in George Miller's "The Justice League.